Php network functions

PHP provides a range of network-related functions that can be used to communicate over various protocols such as HTTP, FTP, SMTP, and more. Here are some of the most commonly used PHP network functions:

Network functions

fsockopen()opens a network connection using the TCP/IP protocol.
curl_init()initializes a new CURL session for fetching URLs.
file_get_contents()reads the entire contents of a file into a string.
stream_socket_client()opens a client-side connection to a remote server using a stream.
socket_create()creates a new socket using the specified address family, socket type, and protocol.
fread()reads from an open file or socket.
fwrite()writes to an open file or socket.
socket_listen()sets a socket to listen for incoming connections.
socket_accept()accepts a connection on a socket.
socket_write()writes data to a socket.

These functions provide a powerful set of tools to work with network communication and can be used to build custom network-based applications or integrate with existing network protocols.


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