What are Linux operating systems coded in?

Linux operating systems are typically coded in a mix of programming languages, with C being the primary language used for the kernel.

The Linux kernel, which is the core component of the Linux operating system, is primarily written in the C programming language. C is a low-level language that allows for direct access to the system's memory and resources, making it well-suited for operating system development. Additionally, some parts of the Linux kernel are also written in assembly language, which is a low-level language that is specific to a particular computer architecture. Assembly language is used for performance-critical parts of the kernel, such as the system call interface and the kernel's interrupt handling.

The user-space utilities, applications, and other tools that come with Linux operating systems are often written in other programming languages, such as C++, Python, Shell, Perl, and more. These tools are not part of the kernel but provides the users with a more rich and interactive experience.

It is worth to note that, different Linux distributions like Redhat, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian and many others are built on top of Linux kernel and they have their own set of utilities and tools which are written in different languages, but they all share the same Linux kernel.


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