Bootstrap date and time icons

List of all bootstrap date and time icons.

Icon Icon name Try
calendar check
calendar date
calendar date fill
calendar check fill
calendar day fill
calendar event
calendar event fill
calendar fill
calendar day
calendar minus fill
calendar month
calendar month fill
calendar minus
calendar plus
calendar range fill
calendar range
calendar plus fill
calendar week
calendar x
calendar week fill
calendar x fill
calendar2 date
calendar2 check
calendar2 date fill
calendar2 check fill
calendar2 day fill
calendar2 minus
calendar2 day
calendar2 event fill
calendar2 fill
calendar2 event
calendar2 month
calendar2 minus fill
calendar2 plus
calendar2 plus fill
calendar2 month fill
calendar2 week
calendar2 range fill
calendar2 week fill
calendar2 x
calendar2 range
calendar2 x fill
calendar3 event
calendar3 event fill
calendar3 fill
calendar3 range
calendar3 range fill
calendar3 week
calendar3 week fill
calendar4 range
calendar4 event
calendar4 week

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