Google material action icons

List of all google material action icons.

Icon Icon name Unicode Try
3d_rotation 3d_rotation e84d
accessibility accessibility e84e
accessibility_new accessibility_new e92c
accessible accessible e914
accessible_forward accessible_forward e934
account_balance account_balance e84f
account_balance_wallet account_balance_wallet e850
account_box account_box e851
account_circle account_circle e853
addchart addchart ef3c
add_shopping_cart add_shopping_cart e854
add_task add_task f23a
add_to_drive add_to_drive e65c
admin_panel_settings admin_panel_settings ef3d
ads_click ads_click e762
alarm alarm e855
alarm_add alarm_add e856
alarm_off alarm_off e857
alarm_on alarm_on e858
all_inbox all_inbox e97f
all_out all_out e90b
analytics analytics ef3e
anchor anchor f1cd
android android e859
announcement announcement e85a
api api f1b7
app_blocking app_blocking ef3f
arrow_circle_down arrow_circle_down f181
arrow_circle_left arrow_circle_left eaa7
arrow_circle_right arrow_circle_right eaaa
arrow_circle_up arrow_circle_up f182
arrow_right_alt arrow_right_alt e941
article article ef42
aspect_ratio aspect_ratio e85b
assessment assessment e85c
assignment assignment e85d
assignment_ind assignment_ind e85e
assignment_late assignment_late e85f
assignment_return assignment_return e860
assignment_returned assignment_returned e861
assignment_turned_in assignment_turned_in e862
autorenew autorenew e863
backup backup e864
backup_table backup_table ef43
batch_prediction batch_prediction f0f5
book book e865
bookmark bookmark e866
bookmarks bookmarks e98b
bookmark_add bookmark_add e598
bookmark_added bookmark_added e599
bookmark_border bookmark_border e867
bookmark_remove bookmark_remove e59a
book_online book_online f217
bug_report bug_report e868
build build e869
build_circle build_circle ef48
cached cached e86a
calendar_today calendar_today e935
calendar_view_day calendar_view_day e936
calendar_view_month calendar_view_month efe7
calendar_view_week calendar_view_week efe8
camera_enhance camera_enhance e8fc
cancel_schedule_send cancel_schedule_send ea39
card_giftcard card_giftcard e8f6
card_membership card_membership e8f7
card_travel card_travel e8f8
change_history change_history e86b
check_circle check_circle e86c
check_circle_outline check_circle_outline e92d
chrome_reader_mode chrome_reader_mode e86d
circle_notifications circle_notifications e994
class class e86f
close_fullscreen close_fullscreen f1cf
code code e86f
code_off code_off e4f3
comment_bank comment_bank ea4e
commute commute e940
compare_arrows compare_arrows e915
compress compress e94d
contactless contactless ea71
contact_page contact_page f22e
contact_support contact_support e94c
copyright copyright e90c
credit_card credit_card e870
credit_card_off credit_card_off e4f4
dangerous dangerous e99a
dashboard dashboard e871
dashboard_customize dashboard_customize e99b
data_exploration data_exploration e76f
date_range date_range e916
delete delete e872
delete_forever delete_forever e92b
delete_outline delete_outline e92e
description description e873
disabled_by_default disabled_by_default f230
disabled_visible disabled_visible e76e
dns dns e875
done done e876
done_all done_all e877
done_outline done_outline e92f
donut_large donut_large e917
donut_small donut_small e918
drag_indicator drag_indicator e945
dynamic_form dynamic_form f1bf
edit_calendar edit_calendar e742
edit_off edit_off e950
eject eject e8fb
euro_symbol euro_symbol e926
event event e878
event_seat event_seat e903
exit_to_app exit_to_app e879
expand expand e94f
explore explore e87a
explore_off explore_off e9a8
extension extension e87b
extension_off extension_off e4f5
face face e87c
fact_check fact_check f0c5
favorite favorite e87d
favorite_border favorite_border e87e
fax fax ead8
feedback feedback e87f
file_present file_present ea0e
filter_alt filter_alt ef4f
find_in_page find_in_page e880
find_replace find_replace e881
fingerprint fingerprint e90d
fit_screen fit_screen ea10
flaky flaky ef50
flight_land flight_land e904
flight_takeoff flight_takeoff e905
flip_to_back flip_to_back e882
flip_to_front flip_to_front e883
flutter_dash flutter_dash e00b
free_cancellation free_cancellation e748
gavel gavel e90e
generating_tokens generating_tokens e749
get_app get_app e884
gif gif e908
gif_box gif_box e7a3
grade grade e885
grading grading ea4f
group_work group_work e886
g_translate g_translate e927
help help e887
help_center help_center f1c0
help_outline help_outline e8fd
hide_source hide_source f023
highlight_alt highlight_alt ef52
highlight_off highlight_off e888
history history e889
history_toggle_off history_toggle_off f17d
home home e88a
horizontal_split horizontal_split e947
hotel_class hotel_class e743
hourglass_disabled hourglass_disabled ef53
hourglass_empty hourglass_empty e88b
hourglass_full hourglass_full e88c
http http e902
https https e88d
important_devices important_devices e912
info info e88e
input input e890
integration_instructions integration_instructions ef54
invert_colors invert_colors e891
label label e892
label_important label_important e937
label_off label_off e9b6
language language e894
launch launch e895
leaderboard leaderboard f20c
lightbulb lightbulb e0f0
line_style line_style e919
line_weight line_weight e91a
list list e896
lock lock e897
lock_clock lock_clock ef57
lock_open lock_open e898
login login ea77
logout logout e9ba
loyalty loyalty e89a
manage_accounts manage_accounts f02e
markunread_mailbox markunread_mailbox e89b
mark_as_unread mark_as_unread e9bc
maximize maximize e930
mediation mediation efa7
minimize minimize e931
model_training model_training f0cf
new_label new_label e609
next_plan next_plan ef5d
nightlight_round nightlight_round ef5e
note_add note_add e89c
not_accessible not_accessible f0fe
not_started not_started f0d1
no_accounts no_accounts f03e
offline_bolt offline_bolt e932
offline_pin offline_pin e90a
online_prediction online_prediction f0eb
opacity opacity e91c
open_in_browser open_in_browser e89d
open_in_full open_in_full f1ce
open_in_new open_in_new e89e
open_in_new_off open_in_new_off e4f6
open_with open_with e89f
outbound outbound e1ca
outbox outbox ef5f
outlet outlet f1d4
pageview pageview e8a0
paid paid f041
pan_tool pan_tool e925
payment payment e8a1
pending pending ef64
pending_actions pending_actions f1bb
perm_camera_mic perm_camera_mic e8a2
perm_contact_calendar perm_contact_calendar e8a3
perm_data_setting perm_data_setting e8a4
perm_device_information perm_device_information e8a5
perm_identity perm_identity e8a6
perm_media perm_media e8a7
perm_phone_msg perm_phone_msg e8a8
perm_scan_wifi perm_scan_wifi e8a9
pets pets e91d
picture_in_picture picture_in_picture e8aa
picture_in_picture_alt picture_in_picture_alt e911
pin_end pin_end e767
pin_invoke pin_invoke e763
plagiarism plagiarism ea5a
play_for_work play_for_work e906
polymer polymer e8ab
power_settings_new power_settings_new e8ac
pregnant_woman pregnant_woman e91e
preview preview f1c5
print print e8ad
privacy_tip privacy_tip f0dc
private_connectivity private_connectivity e744
production_quantity_limits production_quantity_limits e1d1
published_with_changes published_with_changes f232
query_builder query_builder e8ae
question_answer question_answer e8af
quickreply quickreply ef6c
receipt receipt e8b0
record_voice_over record_voice_over e91f
redeem redeem e8b1
remove_done remove_done e9d3
remove_shopping_cart remove_shopping_cart e928
reorder reorder e8fe
report_problem report_problem e8b2
request_page request_page f22c
restore restore e8b3
restore_from_trash restore_from_trash e938
restore_page restore_page e929
room room e8b4
rounded_corner rounded_corner e920
rowing rowing e921
rule rule f1c2
saved_search saved_search ea11
savings savings e2eb
schedule schedule e8b5
schedule_send schedule_send ea0a
search search e8b6
search_off search_off ea76
segment segment e94b
send_and_archive send_and_archive ea0c
sensors sensors e51e
sensors_off sensors_off e51f
settings settings e8b8
settings_accessibility settings_accessibility f05d
settings_applications settings_applications e8b9
settings_backup_restore settings_backup_restore e8ba
settings_bluetooth settings_bluetooth e8bb
settings_brightness settings_brightness e8bd
settings_cell settings_cell e8bc
settings_ethernet settings_ethernet e8be
settings_input_antenna settings_input_antenna e8bf
settings_input_component settings_input_component e8c0
settings_input_composite settings_input_composite e8c1
settings_input_hdmi settings_input_hdmi e8c2
settings_input_svideo settings_input_svideo e8c3
settings_overscan settings_overscan e8c4
settings_phone settings_phone e8c5
settings_power settings_power e8c6
settings_remote settings_remote e8c7
settings_voice settings_voice e8c8
shop shop e8c9
shopping_bag shopping_bag f1cc
shopping_basket shopping_basket e8cb
shopping_cart shopping_cart e8cc
shop_2 shop_2 e19e
shop_two shop_two e8ca
smart_button smart_button f1c1
source source f1c4
space_dashboard space_dashboard e66b
speaker_notes speaker_notes e8cd
speaker_notes_off speaker_notes_off e92a
spellcheck spellcheck e8ce
stars stars e8d0
star_rate star_rate e8cf
sticky_note_2 sticky_note_2 f1fc
store store e8d1
subject subject e8d2
subtitles_off subtitles_off ef72
supervised_user_circle supervised_user_circle e939
supervisor_account supervisor_account e8d3
support support ef73
swap_horiz swap_horiz e8d4
swap_horizontal_circle swap_horizontal_circle e933
swap_vert swap_vert e8d5
swap_vertical_circle swap_vertical_circle e8d6
swipe swipe e9ec
switch_access_shortcut switch_access_shortcut e7e1
switch_access_shortcut_add switch_access_shortcut_add e7e2
sync_alt sync_alt ea18
system_update_alt system_update_alt e8d7
tab tab e8d8
table_view table_view f1be
tab_unselected tab_unselected e8d9
task_alt task_alt e2e6
text_rotate_up text_rotate_up e93a
text_rotate_vertical text_rotate_vertical e93b
text_rotation_angledown text_rotation_angledown e93c
text_rotation_angleup text_rotation_angleup e93d
text_rotation_down text_rotation_down e93e
text_rotation_none text_rotation_none e93f
theaters theaters e8da
thumbs_up_down thumbs_up_down e8dd
thumb_down thumb_down e8db
thumb_down_off_alt thumb_down_off_alt e9f2
thumb_up thumb_up e8dc
thumb_up_off_alt thumb_up_off_alt e9f3
timeline timeline e922
tips_and_updates tips_and_updates e79a
toc toc e8de
today today e8df
token token ea25
toll toll e8e0
touch_app touch_app e913
tour tour ef75
track_changes track_changes e8e1
translate translate e8e2
trending_down trending_down e8e3
trending_flat trending_flat e8e4
trending_up trending_up e8e5
try try f07c
turned_in turned_in e8e6
turned_in_not turned_in_not e8e7
unpublished unpublished f236
update update e923
update_disabled update_disabled e075
upgrade upgrade f0fb
verified verified ef76
verified_user verified_user e8e8
vertical_split vertical_split e949
view_agenda view_agenda e8e9
view_array view_array e8ea
view_carousel view_carousel e8eb
view_column view_column e8ec
view_day view_day e8ed
view_headline view_headline e8ee
view_in_ar view_in_ar e9fe
view_list view_list e8ef
view_module view_module e8f0
view_quilt view_quilt e8f1
view_sidebar view_sidebar f114
view_stream view_stream e8f2
view_week view_week e8f3
visibility visibility e8f4
visibility_off visibility_off e8f5
voice_over_off voice_over_off e94a
watch_later watch_later e924
wifi_protected_setup wifi_protected_setup f0fc
work work e8f9
work_off work_off e942
work_outline work_outline e943
wysiwyg wysiwyg f1c3
youtube_searched_for youtube_searched_for e8fa
zoom_in zoom_in e8ff
zoom_out zoom_out e900

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