Google material communication icons

List of all google material communication icons.

Icon Icon name Unicode Try
3p 3p efd1
add_ic_call add_ic_call e97c
alternate_email alternate_email e0e6
app_registration app_registration ef40
business business e0af
call call e0b0
call_end call_end e0b1
call_made call_made e0b2
call_merge call_merge e0b3
call_missed call_missed e0b4
call_missed_outgoing call_missed_outgoing e0e4
call_received call_received e0b5
call_split call_split e0b6
cancel_presentation cancel_presentation e0e9
cell_wifi cell_wifi e0ec
chat chat e0b7
chat_bubble chat_bubble e0ca
chat_bubble_outline chat_bubble_outline e0cb
clear_all clear_all e0b8
comment comment e0b9
comments_disabled comments_disabled e7a2
contacts contacts e0ba
contact_mail contact_mail e0d0
contact_phone contact_phone e0cf
desktop_access_disabled desktop_access_disabled e99d
dialer_sip dialer_sip e0bb
dialpad dialpad e0bc
document_scanner document_scanner e5fa
domain_disabled domain_disabled e0ef
domain_verification domain_verification ef4c
duo duo e9a5
email email e0be
forum forum e0bf
forward_to_inbox forward_to_inbox f187
hourglass_bottom hourglass_bottom ea5c
hourglass_top hourglass_top ea5b
hub hub e9f4
import_contacts import_contacts e0e0
import_export import_export e0c3
invert_colors_off invert_colors_off e0c4
key key e73c
list_alt list_alt e0ee
live_help live_help e0c6
location_off location_off e0c7
location_on location_on e0c8
mail_outline mail_outline e0e1
mark_chat_read mark_chat_read f18b
mark_chat_unread mark_chat_unread f189
mark_email_read mark_email_read f18c
mark_email_unread mark_email_unread f18a
message message e0c9
mobile_screen_share mobile_screen_share e0e7
more_time more_time ea5d
nat nat ef5c
no_sim no_sim e0cc
pause_presentation pause_presentation e0ea
person_add_disabled person_add_disabled e9cb
person_search person_search f106
phone phone e0cd
phonelink_erase phonelink_erase e0db
phonelink_lock phonelink_lock e0dc
phonelink_ring phonelink_ring e0dd
phonelink_setup phonelink_setup e0de
phone_disabled phone_disabled e9cc
phone_enabled phone_enabled e9cd
portable_wifi_off portable_wifi_off e0ce
present_to_all present_to_all e0df
print_disabled print_disabled e9cf
qr_code qr_code ef6b
qr_code_2 qr_code_2 e00a
qr_code_scanner qr_code_scanner f206
read_more read_more ef6d
ring_volume ring_volume e0d1
rss_feed rss_feed e0e5
rtt rtt e9ad
screen_share screen_share e0e2
sentiment_satisfied_alt sentiment_satisfied_alt e0ed
sip sip f069
speaker_phone speaker_phone e0d2
spoke spoke e9a7
stay_current_landscape stay_current_landscape e0d3
stay_current_portrait stay_current_portrait e0d4
stay_primary_landscape stay_primary_landscape e0d5
stay_primary_portrait stay_primary_portrait e0d6
stop_screen_share stop_screen_share e0e3
swap_calls swap_calls e0d7
textsms textsms e0d8
unsubscribe unsubscribe e0eb
voicemail voicemail e0d9
vpn_key vpn_key e0da
wifi_calling wifi_calling ef77

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