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Google material content icons

List of all google material content icons.

Icon Icon name Unicode Try
add add e145
add_box add_box e146
add_circle add_circle e147
add_circle_outline add_circle_outline e148
add_link add_link e178
archive archive e149
attribution attribution efdb
backspace backspace e14a
ballot ballot e172
biotech biotech ea3a
block block e14b
bolt bolt ea0b
calculate calculate ea5f
change_circle change_circle e2e7
clear clear e14c
content_copy content_copy e14d
content_cut content_cut e14e
content_paste content_paste e14f
content_paste_go content_paste_go ea8e
content_paste_off content_paste_off e4f8
content_paste_search content_paste_search ea9b
copy_all copy_all e2ec
create create e150
delete_sweep delete_sweep e16c
drafts drafts e151
dynamic_feed dynamic_feed ea14
file_copy file_copy e173
filter_list filter_list e152
flag flag e153
font_download font_download e167
font_download_off font_download_off e4f9
forward forward e154
gesture gesture e155
how_to_reg how_to_reg e174
how_to_vote how_to_vote e175
inbox inbox e156
insights insights f092
inventory inventory e179
inventory_2 inventory_2 e1a1
link link e157
link_off link_off e16f
low_priority low_priority e16d
mail mail e158
markunread markunread e159
move_to_inbox move_to_inbox e168
next_week next_week e16a
outlined_flag outlined_flag e16e
policy policy ea17
push_pin push_pin f10d
redo redo e15a
remove remove e15b
remove_circle remove_circle e15c
remove_circle_outline remove_circle_outline e15d
reply reply e15e
reply_all reply_all e15f
report report e160
report_gmailerrorred report_gmailerrorred f052
report_off report_off e170
save save e161
save_alt save_alt e171
select_all select_all e162
send send e163
shield shield e9e0
sort sort e164
square_foot square_foot ea49
stacked_bar_chart stacked_bar_chart e9e6
stream stream e9e9
tag tag e9ef
text_format text_format e165
unarchive unarchive e169
undo undo e166
upcoming upcoming f07e
waves waves e176
weekend weekend e16b
where_to_vote where_to_vote e177

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