Google material editor icons

List of all google material editor icons.

Icon Icon name Unicode Try
add_chart add_chart e97b
add_comment add_comment e266
align_horizontal_center align_horizontal_center e00f
align_horizontal_left align_horizontal_left e00d
align_horizontal_right align_horizontal_right e010
align_vertical_bottom align_vertical_bottom e015
align_vertical_center align_vertical_center e011
align_vertical_top align_vertical_top e00c
area_chart area_chart e770
attach_file attach_file e226
attach_money attach_money e227
auto_graph auto_graph e4fb
bar_chart bar_chart e26b
border_all border_all e228
border_bottom border_bottom e229
border_clear border_clear e22a
border_color border_color e22b
border_horizontal border_horizontal e22c
border_inner border_inner e22d
border_left border_left e22e
border_outer border_outer e22f
border_right border_right e230
border_style border_style e231
border_top border_top e232
border_vertical border_vertical e233
bubble_chart bubble_chart e6dd
candlestick_chart candlestick_chart ead4
checklist checklist e6b1
checklist_rtl checklist_rtl e6b3
data_array data_array ead1
data_object data_object ead3
drag_handle drag_handle e25d
draw draw e746
edit_note edit_note e745
format_align_center format_align_center e234
format_align_justify format_align_justify e235
format_align_left format_align_left e236
format_align_right format_align_right e237
format_bold format_bold e238
format_clear format_clear e239
format_color_fill format_color_fill e23a
format_color_reset format_color_reset e23b
format_color_text format_color_text e23c
format_indent_decrease format_indent_decrease e23d
format_indent_increase format_indent_increase e23e
format_italic format_italic e23f
format_line_spacing format_line_spacing e240
format_list_bulleted format_list_bulleted e241
format_list_numbered format_list_numbered e242
format_list_numbered_rtl format_list_numbered_rtl e267
format_paint format_paint e243
format_quote format_quote e244
format_shapes format_shapes e25e
format_size format_size e245
format_strikethrough format_strikethrough e246
format_textdirection_l_to_r format_textdirection_l_to_r e247
format_textdirection_r_to_l format_textdirection_r_to_l e248
format_underlined format_underlined e249
functions functions e24a
height height ea16
highlight highlight e25f
horizontal_distribute horizontal_distribute e014
horizontal_rule horizontal_rule f108
insert_chart insert_chart e24b
insert_chart_outlined insert_chart_outlined e26a
insert_comment insert_comment e24c
insert_drive_file insert_drive_file e24d
insert_emoticon insert_emoticon e24e
insert_invitation insert_invitation e24f
insert_link insert_link e250
insert_page_break insert_page_break eaca
insert_photo insert_photo e251
linear_scale linear_scale e260
line_axis line_axis ea9a
margin margin e9bb
merge_type merge_type e252
mode mode f097
mode_comment mode_comment e253
mode_edit mode_edit e254
mode_edit_outline mode_edit_outline f035
monetization_on monetization_on e263
money_off money_off e25c
money_off_csred money_off_csred f038
multiline_chart multiline_chart e6df
notes notes e26c
numbers numbers eac7
padding padding e9c8
pie_chart pie_chart e6c4
pie_chart_outline pie_chart_outline f044
post_add post_add ea20
publish publish e255
query_stats query_stats e4fc
scatter_plot scatter_plot e268
schema schema e4fd
score score e269
short_text short_text e261
show_chart show_chart e6e1
space_bar space_bar e256
stacked_line_chart stacked_line_chart f22b
strikethrough_s strikethrough_s e257
subscript subscript f111
superscript superscript f112
table_chart table_chart e265
table_rows table_rows f101
text_fields text_fields e262
title title e264
vertical_align_bottom vertical_align_bottom e258
vertical_align_center vertical_align_center e259
vertical_align_top vertical_align_top e25a
vertical_distribute vertical_distribute e076
wrap_text wrap_text e25b

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