Google material file icons

List of all google material file icons.

Icon Icon name Unicode Try
approval approval e982
attachment attachment e25c
attach_email attach_email ea5e
cloud cloud e2bd
cloud_circle cloud_circle e2be
cloud_done cloud_done e2bf
cloud_download cloud_download e2c0
cloud_off cloud_off e2c1
cloud_queue cloud_queue e2c2
cloud_upload cloud_upload e2c3
create_new_folder create_new_folder e2cc
download download f090
downloading downloading f001
download_done download_done f091
download_for_offline download_for_offline f000
drive_file_move drive_file_move e675
drive_file_move_rtl drive_file_move_rtl e76d
drive_file_rename_outline drive_file_rename_outline e9a2
drive_folder_upload drive_folder_upload e9a3
file_download file_download e2c4
file_download_done file_download_done e9aa
file_download_off file_download_off e4fe
file_upload file_upload e2c6
folder folder e2c7
folder_open folder_open e2c8
folder_shared folder_shared e2c9
grid_view grid_view e9b0
request_quote request_quote f1b6
rule_folder rule_folder f1c9
snippet_folder snippet_folder f1c7
text_snippet text_snippet f1c6
topic topic f1c8
upload upload f09b
upload_file upload_file e9fc
workspaces workspaces e1a0

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