Google material hardware icons

List of all google material hardware icons.

Icon Icon name Unicode Try
adf_scanner adf_scanner eada
browser_not_supported browser_not_supported ef47
browser_updated browser_updated e7cf
cast cast e307
cast_connected cast_connected e308
cast_for_education cast_for_education efec
computer computer e30a
connected_tv connected_tv e998
desktop_mac desktop_mac e30b
desktop_windows desktop_windows e30c
developer_board developer_board e30d
developer_board_off developer_board_off e4ff
devices_other devices_other e337
device_hub device_hub e335
device_unknown device_unknown e339
dock dock e30e
earbuds earbuds f003
earbuds_battery earbuds_battery f004
gamepad gamepad e30f
headphones headphones f01f
headphones_battery headphones_battery f020
headset headset e310
headset_mic headset_mic e311
headset_off headset_off e33a
home_max home_max f024
home_mini home_mini f025
keyboard keyboard e312
keyboard_alt keyboard_alt f028
keyboard_arrow_down keyboard_arrow_down e313
keyboard_arrow_left keyboard_arrow_left e314
keyboard_arrow_right keyboard_arrow_right e315
keyboard_arrow_up keyboard_arrow_up e316
keyboard_backspace keyboard_backspace e317
keyboard_capslock keyboard_capslock e318
keyboard_double_arrow_down keyboard_double_arrow_down ead0
keyboard_double_arrow_left keyboard_double_arrow_left eac3
keyboard_double_arrow_right keyboard_double_arrow_right eac9
keyboard_double_arrow_up keyboard_double_arrow_up eacf
keyboard_hide keyboard_hide e31a
keyboard_return keyboard_return e31b
keyboard_tab keyboard_tab e31c
keyboard_voice keyboard_voice e31d
laptop laptop e31e
laptop_chromebook laptop_chromebook e31f
laptop_mac laptop_mac e320
laptop_windows laptop_windows e321
memory memory e322
monitor monitor ef5b
mouse mouse e91b
phonelink phonelink e326
phonelink_off phonelink_off e327
phone_android phone_android e324
phone_iphone phone_iphone e325
point_of_sale point_of_sale f17e
power_input power_input e336
router router e328
scanner scanner e329
security security e32a
sim_card sim_card e32b
smartphone smartphone e32c
smart_display smart_display f06a
smart_screen smart_screen f06b
smart_toy smart_toy f06c
speaker speaker e32d
speaker_group speaker_group e32e
tablet tablet e32f
tablet_android tablet_android e330
tablet_mac tablet_mac e331
toys toys e332
tv tv e333
videogame_asset videogame_asset e338
videogame_asset_off videogame_asset_off e500
watch watch e334

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