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Google material icons

List of all google material icons.

Icon Icon name Unicode Try
10k 10k e951
10mp 10mp e952
11mp 11mp e953
12mp 12mp e954
13mp 13mp e955
14mp 14mp e956
15mp 15mp e957
16mp 16mp e958
17mp 17mp e959
18mp 18mp e95a
19mp 19mp e95b
1k 1k e95c
1k_plus 1k_plus e95d
1x_mobiledata 1x_mobiledata efcd
20mp 20mp e95e
21mp 21mp e95f
22mp 22mp e960
23mp 23mp e961
24mp 24mp e962
2k 2k e963
2k_plus 2k_plus e964
2mp 2mp e965
30fps 30fps efce
30fps_select 30fps_select efcf
360 360 e577
3d_rotation 3d_rotation e84d
3g_mobiledata 3g_mobiledata efd0
3k 3k e966
3k_plus 3k_plus e967
3mp 3mp e968
3p 3p efd1
4g_mobiledata 4g_mobiledata efd2
4g_plus_mobiledata 4g_plus_mobiledata efd3
4k 4k e072
4k_plus 4k_plus e969
4mp 4mp e96a
5g 5g ef38
5k 5k e96b
5k_plus 5k_plus e96c
5mp 5mp e96d
60fps 60fps efd4
60fps_select 60fps_select efd5
6k 6k e96e
6k_plus 6k_plus e96f
6mp 6mp e970
6_ft_apart 6_ft_apart f21e
7k 7k e971
7k_plus 7k_plus e972
7mp 7mp e973
8k 8k e974
8k_plus 8k_plus e975
8mp 8mp e976
9k 9k e977
9k_plus 9k_plus e978
9mp 9mp e979
accessibility accessibility e84e
accessibility_new accessibility_new e92c
accessible accessible e914
accessible_forward accessible_forward e934
access_alarm access_alarm e190
access_alarms access_alarms e191
access_time access_time e192
access_time_filled access_time_filled efd6
account_balance account_balance e84f
account_balance_wallet account_balance_wallet e850
account_box account_box e851
account_circle account_circle e853
account_tree account_tree e97a
ac_unit ac_unit eb3b
adb adb e60e
add add e145
addchart addchart ef3c
add_alarm add_alarm e193
add_alert add_alert e003
add_a_photo add_a_photo e439
add_box add_box e146
add_business add_business e729
add_chart add_chart e97b
add_circle add_circle e147
add_circle_outline add_circle_outline e148
add_comment add_comment e266
add_ic_call add_ic_call e97c
add_link add_link e178
add_location add_location e567
add_location_alt add_location_alt ef3a
add_moderator add_moderator e97d
add_photo_alternate add_photo_alternate e43e
add_reaction add_reaction e1d3
add_road add_road ef3b
add_shopping_cart add_shopping_cart e854
add_task add_task f23a
add_to_drive add_to_drive e65c
add_to_home_screen add_to_home_screen e1fe
add_to_photos add_to_photos e39d
add_to_queue add_to_queue e05c
adf_scanner adf_scanner eada
adjust adjust e39e
admin_panel_settings admin_panel_settings ef3d
adobe adobe ea96
ads_click ads_click e762
ad_units ad_units ef39
agriculture agriculture ea79
air air efd8
airlines airlines e7ca
airline_seat_flat airline_seat_flat e630
airline_seat_flat_angled airline_seat_flat_angled e631
airline_seat_individual_suite airline_seat_individual_suite e632
airline_seat_legroom_extra airline_seat_legroom_extra e633
airline_seat_legroom_normal airline_seat_legroom_normal e634
airline_seat_legroom_reduced airline_seat_legroom_reduced e635
airline_seat_recline_extra airline_seat_recline_extra e636
airline_seat_recline_normal airline_seat_recline_normal e637
airline_stops airline_stops e7d0
airplanemode_active airplanemode_active e195
airplanemode_inactive airplanemode_inactive e194
airplane_ticket airplane_ticket efd9
airplay airplay e055
airport_shuttle airport_shuttle eb3c
alarm alarm e855
alarm_add alarm_add e856
alarm_off alarm_off e857
alarm_on alarm_on e858
album album e019
align_horizontal_center align_horizontal_center e00f
align_horizontal_left align_horizontal_left e00d
align_horizontal_right align_horizontal_right e010
align_vertical_bottom align_vertical_bottom e015
align_vertical_center align_vertical_center e011
align_vertical_top align_vertical_top e00c
all_inbox all_inbox e97f
all_inclusive all_inclusive ebsd
all_out all_out e90b
alternate_email alternate_email e0e6
alt_route alt_route f184
analytics analytics ef3e
anchor anchor f1cd
android android e859
animation animation e71c
announcement announcement e85a
aod aod efda
apartment apartment ea40
api api f1b7
apple apple ea80
approval approval e982
apps apps e5c3
apps_outage apps_outage e7cc
app_blocking app_blocking ef3f
app_registration app_registration ef40
app_settings_alt app_settings_alt ef41
architecture architecture ea3b
archive archive e149
area_chart area_chart e770
arrow_back arrow_back e5c4
arrow_back_ios arrow_back_ios e5e0
arrow_back_ios_new arrow_back_ios_new e2ea
arrow_circle_down arrow_circle_down f181
arrow_circle_left arrow_circle_left eaa7
arrow_circle_right arrow_circle_right eaaa
arrow_circle_up arrow_circle_up f182
arrow_downward arrow_downward e5db
arrow_drop_down arrow_drop_down e5c5
arrow_drop_down_circle arrow_drop_down_circle e5c6
arrow_drop_up arrow_drop_up e5c7
arrow_forward arrow_forward e5c8
arrow_forward_ios arrow_forward_ios e5e1
arrow_left arrow_left e5de
arrow_right arrow_right e5df
arrow_right_alt arrow_right_alt e941
arrow_upward arrow_upward e5d8
article article ef42
art_track art_track e060
aspect_ratio aspect_ratio e85b
assessment assessment e85c
assignment assignment e85d
assignment_ind assignment_ind e85e
assignment_late assignment_late e85f
assignment_return assignment_return e860
assignment_returned assignment_returned e861
assignment_turned_in assignment_turned_in e862
assistant assistant e39f
assistant_direction assistant_direction e988
assistant_photo assistant_photo e3a0
atm atm e573
attachment attachment e25c
attach_email attach_email ea5e
attach_file attach_file e226
attach_money attach_money e227
attractions attractions ea52
attribution attribution efdb
audiotrack audiotrack e3a1
autofps_select autofps_select efdc
autorenew autorenew e863
auto_awesome auto_awesome e65f
auto_awesome_mosaic auto_awesome_mosaic e660
auto_awesome_motion auto_awesome_motion e661
auto_delete auto_delete ea4c
auto_fix_high auto_fix_high e663
auto_fix_normal auto_fix_normal e664
auto_fix_off auto_fix_off e665
auto_graph auto_graph e4fb
auto_stories auto_stories e666
av_timer av_timer e01b
baby_changing_station baby_changing_station f19b
backpack backpack f19c
backspace backspace e14a
backup backup e864
backup_table backup_table ef43
back_hand back_hand e764
badge badge ea67
bakery_dining bakery_dining ea53
balcony balcony e58f
ballot ballot e172
bar_chart bar_chart e26b
batch_prediction batch_prediction f0f5
bathroom bathroom efdd
bathtub bathtub ea41
battery_alert battery_alert e19c
battery_charging_full battery_charging_full e1a3
battery_full battery_full e1a4
battery_saver battery_saver efde
battery_std battery_std e1a5
battery_unknown battery_unknown e1a6
beach_access beach_access eb3e
bed bed efdf
bedroom_baby bedroom_baby efe0
bedroom_child bedroom_child efe1
bedroom_parent bedroom_parent efe2
bedtime bedtime ef44
beenhere beenhere e52d
bento bento f1f4
bike_scooter bike_scooter ef45
biotech biotech ea3a
blender blender efe3
block block e14b
bloodtype bloodtype efe4
bluetooth bluetooth e1a7
bluetooth_audio bluetooth_audio e60f
bluetooth_connected bluetooth_connected e1a8
bluetooth_disabled bluetooth_disabled e1a9
bluetooth_drive bluetooth_drive efe5
bluetooth_searching bluetooth_searching e1aa
blur_circular blur_circular e3a2
blur_linear blur_linear e3a3
blur_off blur_off e3a4
blur_on blur_on e3a5
bolt bolt ea0b
book book e865
bookmark bookmark e866
bookmarks bookmarks e98b
bookmark_add bookmark_add e598
bookmark_added bookmark_added e599
bookmark_border bookmark_border e867
bookmark_remove bookmark_remove e59a
book_online book_online f217
border_all border_all e228
border_bottom border_bottom e229
border_clear border_clear e22a
border_color border_color e22b
border_horizontal border_horizontal e22c
border_inner border_inner e22d
border_left border_left e22e
border_outer border_outer e22f
border_right border_right e230
border_style border_style e231
border_top border_top e232
border_vertical border_vertical e233
branding_watermark branding_watermark e06b
breakfast_dining breakfast_dining ea54
brightness_1 brightness_1 e3a6
brightness_2 brightness_2 e3a7
brightness_3 brightness_3 e3a8
brightness_4 brightness_4 e3a9
brightness_5 brightness_5 e3aa
brightness_6 brightness_6 e3ab
brightness_7 brightness_7 e3ac
brightness_auto brightness_auto e1ab
brightness_high brightness_high e1ac
brightness_low brightness_low e1ad
brightness_medium brightness_medium e1ae
broken_image broken_image e3ad
browser_not_supported browser_not_supported ef47
browser_updated browser_updated e7cf
brunch_dining brunch_dining ea73
brush brush e3ae
bubble_chart bubble_chart e6dd
bug_report bug_report e868
build build e869
build_circle build_circle ef48
bungalow bungalow e591
burst_mode burst_mode e43c
business business e0af
business_center business_center eb3f
bus_alert bus_alert e98f
cabin cabin e589
cable cable efe6
cached cached e86a
cake cake e7e9
calculate calculate ea5f
calendar_today calendar_today e935
calendar_view_day calendar_view_day e936
calendar_view_month calendar_view_month efe7
calendar_view_week calendar_view_week efe8
call call e0b0
call_end call_end e0b1
call_made call_made e0b2
call_merge call_merge e0b3
call_missed call_missed e0b4
call_missed_outgoing call_missed_outgoing e0e4
call_received call_received e0b5
call_split call_split e0b6
call_to_action call_to_action e06c
camera camera e3af
cameraswitch cameraswitch efeb
camera_alt camera_alt e3b0
camera_enhance camera_enhance e8fc
camera_front camera_front e3b1
camera_indoor camera_indoor efe9
camera_outdoor camera_outdoor efea
camera_rear camera_rear e3b2
camera_roll camera_roll e3b3
campaign campaign ef49
cancel cancel e5c9
cancel_presentation cancel_presentation e0e9
cancel_schedule_send cancel_schedule_send ea39
candlestick_chart candlestick_chart ead4
card_giftcard card_giftcard e8f6
card_membership card_membership e8f7
card_travel card_travel e8f8
carpenter carpenter f1f8
car_rental car_rental ea55
car_repair car_repair ea56
cases cases e992
casino casino eb40
cast cast e307
castle castle eab1
cast_connected cast_connected e308
cast_for_education cast_for_education efec
catching_pokemon catching_pokemon e508
category category e574
celebration celebration ea65
cell_wifi cell_wifi e0ec
center_focus_strong center_focus_strong e3b4
center_focus_weak center_focus_weak e3b5
chair chair efed
chair_alt chair_alt efee
chalet chalet e585
change_circle change_circle e2e7
change_history change_history e86b
charging_station charging_station f19d
chat chat e0b7
chat_bubble chat_bubble e0ca
chat_bubble_outline chat_bubble_outline e0cb
check check e5ca
checklist checklist e6b1
checklist_rtl checklist_rtl e6b3
checkroom checkroom f19e
check_box check_box e834
check_box_outline_blank check_box_outline_blank e835
check_circle check_circle e86c
check_circle_outline check_circle_outline e92d
chevron_left chevron_left e5cb
chevron_right chevron_right e5cc
child_care child_care eb41
child_friendly child_friendly eb42
chrome_reader_mode chrome_reader_mode e86d
church church eaae
circle circle ef4a
circle_notifications circle_notifications e994
class class e86f
cleaning_services cleaning_services f0ff
clean_hands clean_hands f21f
clear clear e14c
clear_all clear_all e0b8
close close e5cd
closed_caption closed_caption e01c
closed_caption_disabled closed_caption_disabled f1dc
closed_caption_off closed_caption_off e996
close_fullscreen close_fullscreen f1cf
cloud cloud e2bd
cloud_circle cloud_circle e2be
cloud_done cloud_done e2bf
cloud_download cloud_download e2c0
cloud_off cloud_off e2c1
cloud_queue cloud_queue e2c2
cloud_upload cloud_upload e2c3
co2 co2 e7b0
code code e86f
code_off code_off e4f3
coffee coffee efef
coffee_maker coffee_maker eff0
collections collections e3b6
collections_bookmark collections_bookmark e431
colorize colorize e3b8
color_lens color_lens e3b7
comment comment e0b9
comments_disabled comments_disabled e7a2
comment_bank comment_bank ea4e
commute commute e940
compare compare e3b9
compare_arrows compare_arrows e915
compass_calibration compass_calibration e57c
compost compost e761
compress compress e94d
computer computer e30a
confirmation_number confirmation_number e638
connected_tv connected_tv e998
connecting_airports connecting_airports e7c9
connect_without_contact connect_without_contact f223
construction construction ea3c
contactless contactless ea71
contacts contacts e0ba
contact_mail contact_mail e0d0
contact_page contact_page f22e
contact_phone contact_phone e0cf
contact_support contact_support e94c
content_copy content_copy e14d
content_cut content_cut e14e
content_paste content_paste e14f
content_paste_go content_paste_go ea8e
content_paste_off content_paste_off e4f8
content_paste_search content_paste_search ea9b
control_camera control_camera e074
control_point control_point e3ba
control_point_duplicate control_point_duplicate e3bb
cookie cookie eaac
copyright copyright e90c
copy_all copy_all e2ec
coronavirus coronavirus f221
corporate_fare corporate_fare f1d0
cottage cottage e587
countertops countertops f1f7
create create e150
create_new_folder create_new_folder e2cc
credit_card credit_card e870
credit_card_off credit_card_off e4f4
credit_score credit_score eff1
crib crib e588
crop crop e3be
crop_16_9 crop_16_9 e3bc
crop_3_2 crop_3_2 e3bd
crop_5_4 crop_5_4 e3bf
crop_7_5 crop_7_5 e3c0
crop_din crop_din e3c1
crop_free crop_free e3c2
crop_landscape crop_landscape e3c3
crop_original crop_original e3c4
crop_portrait crop_portrait e3c5
crop_rotate crop_rotate e437
crop_square crop_square e3c6
cruelty_free cruelty_free e799
dangerous dangerous e99a
dark_mode dark_mode e51c
dashboard dashboard e871
dashboard_customize dashboard_customize e99b
data_array data_array ead1
data_exploration data_exploration e76f
data_object data_object ead3
data_saver_off data_saver_off eff2
data_saver_on data_saver_on eff3
data_usage data_usage e1af
date_range date_range e916
deck deck ea42
dehaze dehaze e3c7
delete delete e872
delete_forever delete_forever e92b
delete_outline delete_outline e92e
delete_sweep delete_sweep e16c
delivery_dining delivery_dining ea72
departure_board departure_board e576
description description e873
design_services design_services f10a
desktop_access_disabled desktop_access_disabled e99d
desktop_mac desktop_mac e30b
desktop_windows desktop_windows e30c
details details e3c8
developer_board developer_board e30d
developer_board_off developer_board_off e4ff
developer_mode developer_mode e1b0
devices devices e1b1
devices_other devices_other e337
device_hub device_hub e335
device_thermostat device_thermostat e1ff
device_unknown device_unknown e339
dialer_sip dialer_sip e0bb
dialpad dialpad e0bc
diamond diamond ead5
dining dining eff4
dinner_dining dinner_dining ea57
directions directions e52e
directions_bike directions_bike e52f
directions_boat directions_boat e532
directions_boat_filled directions_boat_filled eff5
directions_bus directions_bus e530
directions_bus_filled directions_bus_filled eff6
directions_car directions_car e531
directions_car_filled directions_car_filled eff7
directions_off directions_off f10f
directions_railway directions_railway e534
directions_railway_filled directions_railway_filled eff8
directions_run directions_run e566
directions_subway directions_subway e533
directions_subway_filled directions_subway_filled eff9
directions_transit directions_transit e535
directions_transit_filled directions_transit_filled effa
directions_walk directions_walk e536
dirty_lens dirty_lens ef4b
disabled_by_default disabled_by_default f230
disabled_visible disabled_visible e76e
discord discord ea6c
disc_full disc_full e610
dns dns e875
dock dock e30e
document_scanner document_scanner e5fa
domain domain e7ee
domain_disabled domain_disabled e0ef
domain_verification domain_verification ef4c
done done e876
done_all done_all e877
done_outline done_outline e92f
donut_large donut_large e917
donut_small donut_small e918
doorbell doorbell efff
door_back door_back effc
door_front door_front effd
door_sliding door_sliding effe
double_arrow double_arrow ea50
downhill_skiing downhill_skiing e509
download download f090
downloading downloading f001
download_done download_done f091
download_for_offline download_for_offline f000
do_disturb do_disturb f08c
do_disturb_alt do_disturb_alt f08d
do_disturb_off do_disturb_off f08e
do_disturb_on do_disturb_on f08f
do_not_disturb do_not_disturb e612
do_not_disturb_alt do_not_disturb_alt e611
do_not_disturb_off do_not_disturb_off e643
do_not_disturb_on do_not_disturb_on e644
do_not_disturb_on_total_silence do_not_disturb_on_total_silence effb
do_not_step do_not_step f19f
do_not_touch do_not_touch f1b0
drafts drafts e151
drag_handle drag_handle e25d
drag_indicator drag_indicator e945
draw draw e746
drive_eta drive_eta e613
drive_file_move drive_file_move e675
drive_file_move_rtl drive_file_move_rtl e76d
drive_file_rename_outline drive_file_rename_outline e9a2
drive_folder_upload drive_folder_upload e9a3
dry dry f1b3
dry_cleaning dry_cleaning ea58
duo duo e9a5
dvr dvr e1b2
dynamic_feed dynamic_feed ea14
dynamic_form dynamic_form f1bf
earbuds earbuds f003
earbuds_battery earbuds_battery f004
east east f1df
edgesensor_high edgesensor_high f005
edgesensor_low edgesensor_low f006
edit edit e3c9
edit_attributes edit_attributes e578
edit_calendar edit_calendar e742
edit_location edit_location e568
edit_location_alt edit_location_alt e1c5
edit_note edit_note e745
edit_notifications edit_notifications e525
edit_off edit_off e950
edit_road edit_road ef4d
egg egg eacc
egg_alt egg_alt eac8
eject eject e8fb
elderly elderly f21a
electrical_services electrical_services f102
electric_bike electric_bike eb1b
electric_car electric_car eb1c
electric_moped electric_moped eb1d
electric_rickshaw electric_rickshaw eb1e
electric_scooter electric_scooter eb1f
elevator elevator f1a0
email email e0be
emergency emergency e1eb
emoji_emotions emoji_emotions ea22
emoji_events emoji_events ea23
emoji_food_beverage emoji_food_beverage ea1b
emoji_nature emoji_nature ea1c
emoji_objects emoji_objects ea24
emoji_people emoji_people ea1d
emoji_symbols emoji_symbols ea1e
emoji_transportation emoji_transportation ea1f
engineering engineering ea3d
enhanced_encryption enhanced_encryption e63f
equalizer equalizer e01d
error error e000
error_outline error_outline e001
escalator escalator f1a1
escalator_warning escalator_warning f1ac
euro euro ea15
euro_symbol euro_symbol e926
event event e878
event_available event_available e614
event_busy event_busy e615
event_note event_note e616
event_seat event_seat e903
ev_station ev_station e56d
exit_to_app exit_to_app e879
expand expand e94f
expand_circle_down expand_circle_down e7cd
expand_less expand_less e5ce
expand_more expand_more e5cf
explicit explicit e01e
explore explore e87a
explore_off explore_off e9a8
exposure exposure e3ca
exposure_neg_1 exposure_neg_1 e3cb
exposure_neg_2 exposure_neg_2 e3cc
exposure_plus_1 exposure_plus_1 e3cd
exposure_plus_2 exposure_plus_2 e3ce
exposure_zero exposure_zero e3cf
extension extension e87b
extension_off extension_off e4f5
e_mobiledata e_mobiledata f002
face face e87c
face_retouching_natural face_retouching_natural ef4e
face_retouching_off face_retouching_off f007
fact_check fact_check f0c5
family_restroom family_restroom f1a2
fastfood fastfood e57a
fast_forward fast_forward e01f
fast_rewind fast_rewind e020
favorite favorite e87d
favorite_border favorite_border e87e
fax fax ead8
featured_play_list featured_play_list e06d
featured_video featured_video e06e
feed feed f009
feedback feedback e87f
female female e590
fence fence f1f6
festival festival ea68
fiber_dvr fiber_dvr e05d
fiber_manual_record fiber_manual_record e061
fiber_new fiber_new e05e
fiber_pin fiber_pin e06a
fiber_smart_record fiber_smart_record e062
file_copy file_copy e173
file_download file_download e2c4
file_download_done file_download_done e9aa
file_download_off file_download_off e4fe
file_present file_present ea0e
file_upload file_upload e2c6
filter filter e3d3
filter_1 filter_1 e3d0
filter_2 filter_2 e3d1
filter_3 filter_3 e3d2
filter_4 filter_4 e3d4
filter_5 filter_5 e3d5
filter_6 filter_6 e3d6
filter_7 filter_7 e3d7
filter_8 filter_8 e3d8
filter_9 filter_9 e3d9
filter_9_plus filter_9_plus e3da
filter_alt filter_alt ef4f
filter_b_and_w filter_b_and_w e3db
filter_center_focus filter_center_focus e3dc
filter_drama filter_drama e3dd
filter_frames filter_frames e3de
filter_hdr filter_hdr e3df
filter_list filter_list e152
filter_none filter_none e3e0
filter_tilt_shift filter_tilt_shift e3e2
filter_vintage filter_vintage e3e3
find_in_page find_in_page e880
find_replace find_replace e881
fingerprint fingerprint e90d
fireplace fireplace ea43
fire_extinguisher fire_extinguisher f1d8
first_page first_page e5dc
fitbit fitbit e82b
fitness_center fitness_center eb43
fit_screen fit_screen ea10
flag flag e153
flaky flaky ef50
flare flare e3e4
flashlight_off flashlight_off f00a
flashlight_on flashlight_on f00b
flash_auto flash_auto e3e5
flash_off flash_off e3e6
flash_on flash_on e3e7
flatware flatware f00c
flight flight e539
flight_class flight_class e7cb
flight_land flight_land e904
flight_takeoff flight_takeoff e905
flip flip e3e8
flip_camera_android flip_camera_android ea37
flip_camera_ios flip_camera_ios ea38
flip_to_back flip_to_back e882
flip_to_front flip_to_front e883
flourescent flourescent f00d
flutter_dash flutter_dash e00b
fmd_bad fmd_bad f00e
fmd_good fmd_good f00f
folder folder e2c7
folder_open folder_open e2c8
folder_shared folder_shared e2c9
folder_special folder_special e617
follow_the_signs follow_the_signs f222
font_download font_download e167
font_download_off font_download_off e4f9
food_bank food_bank f1f2
forest forest ea99
format_align_center format_align_center e234
format_align_justify format_align_justify e235
format_align_left format_align_left e236
format_align_right format_align_right e237
format_bold format_bold e238
format_clear format_clear e239
format_color_fill format_color_fill e23a
format_color_reset format_color_reset e23b
format_color_text format_color_text e23c
format_indent_decrease format_indent_decrease e23d
format_indent_increase format_indent_increase e23e
format_italic format_italic e23f
format_line_spacing format_line_spacing e240
format_list_bulleted format_list_bulleted e241
format_list_numbered format_list_numbered e242
format_list_numbered_rtl format_list_numbered_rtl e267
format_paint format_paint e243
format_quote format_quote e244
format_shapes format_shapes e25e
format_size format_size e245
format_strikethrough format_strikethrough e246
format_textdirection_l_to_r format_textdirection_l_to_r e247
format_textdirection_r_to_l format_textdirection_r_to_l e248
format_underlined format_underlined e249
fort fort eaad
forum forum e0bf
forward forward e154
forward_10 forward_10 e056
forward_30 forward_30 e057
forward_5 forward_5 e058
forward_to_inbox forward_to_inbox f187
foundation foundation f200
free_breakfast free_breakfast eb44
free_cancellation free_cancellation e748
front_hand front_hand e769
fullscreen fullscreen e5d0
fullscreen_exit fullscreen_exit e5d1
functions functions e24a
gamepad gamepad e30f
games games e021
garage garage f011
gavel gavel e90e
generating_tokens generating_tokens e749
gesture gesture e155
get_app get_app e884
gif gif e908
gif_box gif_box e7a3
gite gite e58b
golf_course golf_course eb45
gpp_bad gpp_bad f012
gpp_good gpp_good f013
gpp_maybe gpp_maybe f014
gps_fixed gps_fixed e1b3
gps_not_fixed gps_not_fixed e1b4
gps_off gps_off e1b5
grade grade e885
gradient gradient e3e9
grading grading ea4f
grain grain e3ea
graphic_eq graphic_eq e1b8
grass grass f205
grid_3x3 grid_3x3 f015
grid_4x4 grid_4x4 f016
grid_goldenratio grid_goldenratio f017
grid_off grid_off e3eb
grid_on grid_on e3ec
grid_view grid_view e9b0
group group e7ef
groups groups f233
group_add group_add e7f0
group_off group_off e747
group_remove group_remove e7ad
group_work group_work e886
g_mobiledata g_mobiledata f010
g_translate g_translate e927
hail hail e9b1
handyman handyman f10b
hardware hardware ea59
hd hd e052
hdr_auto hdr_auto f01a
hdr_auto_select hdr_auto_select f01b
hdr_enhanced_select hdr_enhanced_select ef51
hdr_off hdr_off e3ed
hdr_off_select hdr_off_select f01c
hdr_on hdr_on e3ee
hdr_on_select hdr_on_select f01d
hdr_plus hdr_plus f01e
hdr_strong hdr_strong e3f1
hdr_weak hdr_weak e3f2
headphones headphones f01f
headphones_battery headphones_battery f020
headset headset e310
headset_mic headset_mic e311
headset_off headset_off e33a
healing healing e3f3
health_and_safety health_and_safety e1d5
hearing hearing e023
hearing_disabled hearing_disabled f104
heart_broken heart_broken eac2
height height ea16
help help e887
help_center help_center f1c0
help_outline help_outline e8fd
hevc hevc f021
hide_image hide_image f022
hide_source hide_source f023
highlight highlight e25f
highlight_alt highlight_alt ef52
highlight_off highlight_off e888
high_quality high_quality e024
hiking hiking e50a
history history e889
history_edu history_edu ea3e
history_toggle_off history_toggle_off f17d
hive hive eaa6
holiday_village holiday_village e58a
home home e88a
home_max home_max f024
home_mini home_mini f025
home_repair_service home_repair_service f100
home_work home_work ea09
horizontal_distribute horizontal_distribute e014
horizontal_rule horizontal_rule f108
horizontal_split horizontal_split e947
hotel hotel e53a
hotel_class hotel_class e743
hot_tub hot_tub eb46
hourglass_bottom hourglass_bottom ea5c
hourglass_disabled hourglass_disabled ef53
hourglass_empty hourglass_empty e88b
hourglass_full hourglass_full e88c
hourglass_top hourglass_top ea5b
house house ea44
houseboat houseboat e584
house_siding house_siding f202
how_to_reg how_to_reg e174
how_to_vote how_to_vote e175
http http e902
https https e88d
hub hub e9f4
hvac hvac f10e
h_mobiledata h_mobiledata f018
h_plus_mobiledata h_plus_mobiledata f019
icecream icecream ea69
ice_skating ice_skating e50b
image image e3f4
imagesearch_roller imagesearch_roller e9b4
image_aspect_ratio image_aspect_ratio e3f5
image_not_supported image_not_supported f116
image_search image_search e43f
important_devices important_devices e912
import_contacts import_contacts e0e0
import_export import_export e0c3
inbox inbox e156
incomplete_circle incomplete_circle e79b
indeterminate_check_box indeterminate_check_box e909
info info e88e
info_outline info_outline e88f
input input e890
insert_chart insert_chart e24b
insert_chart_outlined insert_chart_outlined e26a
insert_comment insert_comment e24c
insert_drive_file insert_drive_file e24d
insert_emoticon insert_emoticon e24e
insert_invitation insert_invitation e24f
insert_link insert_link e250
insert_page_break insert_page_break eaca
insert_photo insert_photo e251
insights insights f092
integration_instructions integration_instructions ef54
interests interests e7c8
interpreter_mode interpreter_mode e83b
inventory inventory e179
inventory_2 inventory_2 e1a1
invert_colors invert_colors e891
invert_colors_off invert_colors_off e0c4
ios_share ios_share e6b8
iron iron e583
iso iso e3f6
kayaking kayaking e50c
kebab_dining kebab_dining e842
key key e73c
keyboard keyboard e312
keyboard_alt keyboard_alt f028
keyboard_arrow_down keyboard_arrow_down e313
keyboard_arrow_left keyboard_arrow_left e314
keyboard_arrow_right keyboard_arrow_right e315
keyboard_arrow_up keyboard_arrow_up e316
keyboard_backspace keyboard_backspace e317
keyboard_capslock keyboard_capslock e318
keyboard_double_arrow_down keyboard_double_arrow_down ead0
keyboard_double_arrow_left keyboard_double_arrow_left eac3
keyboard_double_arrow_right keyboard_double_arrow_right eac9
keyboard_double_arrow_up keyboard_double_arrow_up eacf
keyboard_hide keyboard_hide e31a
keyboard_return keyboard_return e31b
keyboard_tab keyboard_tab e31c
keyboard_voice keyboard_voice e31d
king_bed king_bed ea45
kitchen kitchen eb47
kitesurfing kitesurfing e50d
label label e892
label_important label_important e937
label_off label_off e9b6
label_outline label_outline e893
landscape landscape e3f7
language language e894
laptop laptop e31e
laptop_chromebook laptop_chromebook e31f
laptop_mac laptop_mac e320
laptop_windows laptop_windows e321
last_page last_page e5dd
launch launch e895
layers layers e53b
layers_clear layers_clear e53c
leaderboard leaderboard f20c
leak_add leak_add e3f8
leak_remove leak_remove e3f9
legend_toggle legend_toggle f11b
lens lens e3fa
lens_blur lens_blur f029
library_add library_add e02e
library_add_check library_add_check e9b7
library_books library_books e02f
library_music library_music e030
light light f02a
lightbulb lightbulb e0f0
lightbulb_outline lightbulb_outline e90f
light_mode light_mode e518
linear_scale linear_scale e260
line_axis line_axis ea9a
line_style line_style e919
line_weight line_weight e91a
link link e157
linked_camera linked_camera e438
link_off link_off e16f
liquor liquor ea60
list list e896
list_alt list_alt e0ee
live_help live_help e0c6
live_tv live_tv e639
living living f02b
local_activity local_activity e53f
local_airport local_airport e53d
local_atm local_atm e53e
local_bar local_bar e540
local_cafe local_cafe e541
local_car_wash local_car_wash e542
local_convenience_store local_convenience_store e543
local_dining local_dining e556
local_drink local_drink e544
local_fire_department local_fire_department ef55
local_florist local_florist e545
local_gas_station local_gas_station e546
local_grocery_store local_grocery_store e547
local_hospital local_hospital e548
local_hotel local_hotel e549
local_laundry_service local_laundry_service e54a
local_library local_library e54b
local_mall local_mall e54c
local_movies local_movies e54d
local_offer local_offer e54e
local_parking local_parking e54f
local_pharmacy local_pharmacy e550
local_phone local_phone e551
local_pizza local_pizza e552
local_play local_play e553
local_police local_police ef56
local_post_office local_post_office e554
local_printshop local_printshop e555
local_see local_see e557
local_shipping local_shipping e558
local_taxi local_taxi e559
location_city location_city e7f1
location_disabled location_disabled e1b6
location_off location_off e0c7
location_on location_on e0c8
location_searching location_searching e1b7
lock lock e897
lock_clock lock_clock ef57
lock_open lock_open e898
lock_outline lock_outline e899
login login ea77
logout logout e9ba
logo_dev logo_dev ead6
looks looks e3fc
looks_3 looks_3 e3fb
looks_4 looks_4 e3fd
looks_5 looks_5 e3fe
looks_6 looks_6 e3ff
looks_one looks_one e400
looks_two looks_two e401
loop loop e028
loupe loupe e402
low_priority low_priority e16d
loyalty loyalty e89a
lte_mobiledata lte_mobiledata f02c
lte_plus_mobiledata lte_plus_mobiledata f02d
luggage luggage f235
lunch_dining lunch_dining ea61
mail mail e158
mail_outline mail_outline e0e1
male male e58e
man man e4eb
manage_accounts manage_accounts f02e
manage_search manage_search f02f
map map e55b
maps_home_work maps_home_work f030
maps_ugc maps_ugc ef58
margin margin e9bb
markunread markunread e159
markunread_mailbox markunread_mailbox e89b
mark_as_unread mark_as_unread e9bc
mark_chat_read mark_chat_read f18b
mark_chat_unread mark_chat_unread f189
mark_email_read mark_email_read f18c
mark_email_unread mark_email_unread f18a
masks masks f218
maximize maximize e930
mediation mediation efa7
media_bluetooth_off media_bluetooth_off f031
media_bluetooth_on media_bluetooth_on f032
medical_services medical_services f109
medication medication f033
medication_liquid medication_liquid ea87
meeting_room meeting_room eb4f
memory memory e322
menu menu e5d2
menu_book menu_book ea19
menu_open menu_open e9bd
merge_type merge_type e252
message message e0c9
messenger messenger
mic mic e029
microwave microwave f204
mic_external_off mic_external_off ef59
mic_external_on mic_external_on ef5a
mic_none mic_none e02a
mic_off mic_off e02b
military_tech military_tech ea3f
minimize minimize e931
miscellaneous_services miscellaneous_services f10c
missed_video_call missed_video_call e073
mms mms e618
mobiledata_off mobiledata_off f034
mobile_friendly mobile_friendly e200
mobile_off mobile_off e201
mobile_screen_share mobile_screen_share e0e7
mode mode f097
model_training model_training f0cf
mode_comment mode_comment e253
mode_edit mode_edit e254
mode_edit_outline mode_edit_outline f035
mode_night mode_night f036
mode_of_travel mode_of_travel e7ce
mode_standby mode_standby f037
monetization_on monetization_on e263
money money e57d
money_off money_off e25c
money_off_csred money_off_csred f038
monitor monitor ef5b
monitor_heart monitor_heart eaa2
monitor_weight monitor_weight f039
monochrome_photos monochrome_photos e403
mood mood e7f2
mood_bad mood_bad e7f3
moped moped eb28
more more e619
more_horiz more_horiz e5d3
more_time more_time ea5d
more_vert more_vert e5d4
mosque mosque eab2
motion_photos_auto motion_photos_auto f03a
motion_photos_off motion_photos_off e9c0
motion_photos_on motion_photos_on e9c1
motion_photos_pause motion_photos_pause f227
motion_photos_paused motion_photos_paused e9c2
motorcycle motorcycle e91b
mouse mouse e91b
move_to_inbox move_to_inbox e168
movie movie e02c
movie_creation movie_creation e404
movie_filter movie_filter e43a
moving moving e501
mp mp e9c3
multiline_chart multiline_chart e6df
multiple_stop multiple_stop f1b9
museum museum ea36
music_note music_note e405
music_off music_off e440
music_video music_video e063
my_location my_location e55c
nat nat ef5c
nature nature e406
nature_people nature_people e407
navigate_before navigate_before e408
navigate_next navigate_next e409
navigation navigation e55d
nearby_error nearby_error f03b
nearby_off nearby_off f03c
near_me near_me e569
near_me_disabled near_me_disabled f1ef
network_cell network_cell e1b9
network_check network_check e640
network_locked network_locked e61a
network_wifi network_wifi e1ba
new_label new_label e609
new_releases new_releases e031
next_plan next_plan ef5d
next_week next_week e16a
nfc nfc e1bb
nightlife nightlife ea62
nightlight nightlight f03d
nightlight_round nightlight_round ef5e
nights_stay nights_stay ea46
night_shelter night_shelter f1f1
nordic_walking nordic_walking e50e
north north f1e0
north_east north_east f1e1
north_west north_west f1e2
note note e06f
notes notes e26c
note_add note_add e89c
note_alt note_alt f040
notifications notifications e7f4
notifications_active notifications_active e7f7
notifications_none notifications_none e7f5
notifications_off notifications_off e7f6
notifications_paused notifications_paused e7f8
notification_add notification_add e399
notification_important notification_important e004
not_accessible not_accessible f0fe
not_interested not_interested e033
not_listed_location not_listed_location e575
not_started not_started f0d1
no_accounts no_accounts f03e
no_backpack no_backpack f237
no_cell no_cell f1a4
no_drinks no_drinks f1a5
no_encryption no_encryption e641
no_encryption_gmailerrorred no_encryption_gmailerrorred f03f
no_flash no_flash f1a6
no_food no_food f1a7
no_luggage no_luggage f23b
no_meals no_meals f1d6
no_meeting_room no_meeting_room eb4e
no_photography no_photography f1a8
no_sim no_sim e0cc
no_stroller no_stroller f1af
no_transfer no_transfer f1d5
numbers numbers eac7
offline_bolt offline_bolt e932
offline_pin offline_pin e90a
offline_share offline_share e9c5
ondemand_video ondemand_video e63a
online_prediction online_prediction f0eb
opacity opacity e91c
open_in_browser open_in_browser e89d
open_in_full open_in_full f1ce
open_in_new open_in_new e89e
open_in_new_off open_in_new_off e4f6
open_with open_with e89f
other_houses other_houses e58c
outbound outbound e1ca
outbox outbox ef5f
outdoor_grill outdoor_grill ea47
outlet outlet f1d4
outlined_flag outlined_flag e16e
padding padding e9c8
pages pages e7f9
pageview pageview e8a0
paid paid f041
palette palette e40a
panorama panorama e40b
panorama_fish_eye panorama_fish_eye e40c
panorama_horizontal panorama_horizontal e40d
panorama_horizontal_select panorama_horizontal_select ef60
panorama_photosphere panorama_photosphere e9c9
panorama_photosphere_select panorama_photosphere_select e9ca
panorama_vertical panorama_vertical e40e
panorama_vertical_select panorama_vertical_select ef61
panorama_wide_angle panorama_wide_angle e40f
panorama_wide_angle_select panorama_wide_angle_select ef62
pan_tool pan_tool e925
paragliding paragliding e50f
park park ea63
party_mode party_mode e7fa
password password f042
pattern pattern f043
pause pause e034
pause_circle pause_circle e1a2
pause_circle_filled pause_circle_filled e035
pause_circle_outline pause_circle_outline e036
pause_presentation pause_presentation e0ea
payment payment e8a1
payments payments ef63
paypal paypal ea8d
pedal_bike pedal_bike eb29
pending pending ef64
pending_actions pending_actions f1bb
people people e7fb
people_alt people_alt ea21
people_outline people_outline e7fc
perm_camera_mic perm_camera_mic e8a2
perm_contact_calendar perm_contact_calendar e8a3
perm_data_setting perm_data_setting e8a4
perm_device_information perm_device_information e8a5
perm_identity perm_identity e8a6
perm_media perm_media e8a7
perm_phone_msg perm_phone_msg e8a8
perm_scan_wifi perm_scan_wifi e8a9
person person e7fd
personal_injury personal_injury e6da
personal_video personal_video e63b
person_add person_add e7fe
person_add_alt person_add_alt ea4d
person_add_alt_1 person_add_alt_1 ef65
person_add_disabled person_add_disabled e9cb
person_off person_off e510
person_outline person_outline e7ff
person_pin person_pin e55a
person_pin_circle person_pin_circle e56a
person_remove person_remove ef66
person_remove_alt_1 person_remove_alt_1 ef67
person_search person_search f106
pest_control pest_control f0fa
pest_control_rodent pest_control_rodent f0fd
pets pets e91d
phishing phishing ead7
phone phone e0cd
phonelink phonelink e326
phonelink_erase phonelink_erase e0db
phonelink_lock phonelink_lock e0dc
phonelink_off phonelink_off e327
phonelink_ring phonelink_ring e0dd
phonelink_setup phonelink_setup e0de
phone_android phone_android e324
phone_bluetooth_speaker phone_bluetooth_speaker e61b
phone_callback phone_callback e649
phone_disabled phone_disabled e9cc
phone_enabled phone_enabled e9cd
phone_forwarded phone_forwarded e61c
phone_in_talk phone_in_talk e61d
phone_iphone phone_iphone e325
phone_locked phone_locked e61e
phone_missed phone_missed e61f
phone_paused phone_paused e620
photo photo e410
photo_album photo_album e411
photo_camera photo_camera e412
photo_camera_back photo_camera_back ef68
photo_camera_front photo_camera_front ef69
photo_filter photo_filter e43b
photo_library photo_library e413
photo_size_select_actual photo_size_select_actual e432
photo_size_select_large photo_size_select_large e433
photo_size_select_small photo_size_select_small e434
piano piano e521
piano_off piano_off e520
picture_as_pdf picture_as_pdf e415
picture_in_picture picture_in_picture e8aa
picture_in_picture_alt picture_in_picture_alt e911
pie_chart pie_chart e6c4
pie_chart_outline pie_chart_outline f044
pie_chart_outlined pie_chart_outlined e6c5
pin pin f045
pin_drop pin_drop e55e
pin_end pin_end e767
pin_invoke pin_invoke e763
pivot_table_chart pivot_table_chart e9ce
pix pix eaa3
place place e55f
plagiarism plagiarism ea5a
playlist_add playlist_add e03b
playlist_add_check playlist_add_check e065
playlist_add_check_circle playlist_add_check_circle e7e6
playlist_add_circle playlist_add_circle e7e5
playlist_play playlist_play e05f
play_arrow play_arrow e037
play_circle play_circle e1c4
play_circle_filled play_circle_filled e038
play_circle_outline play_circle_outline e039
play_disabled play_disabled ef6a
play_for_work play_for_work e906
play_lesson play_lesson f047
plumbing plumbing f107
plus_one plus_one e800
podcasts podcasts f048
point_of_sale point_of_sale f17e
policy policy ea17
poll poll e801
polymer polymer e8ab
pool pool eb48
portable_wifi_off portable_wifi_off e0ce
portrait portrait e416
post_add post_add ea20
power power e63c
power_input power_input e336
power_off power_off e646
power_settings_new power_settings_new e8ac
precision_manufacturing precision_manufacturing f049
pregnant_woman pregnant_woman e91e
present_to_all present_to_all e0df
preview preview f1c5
price_change price_change f04a
price_check price_check f04b
print print e8ad
print_disabled print_disabled e9cf
priority_high priority_high e645
privacy_tip privacy_tip f0dc
private_connectivity private_connectivity e744
production_quantity_limits production_quantity_limits e1d1
psychology psychology ea4a
public public e80b
public_off public_off f1ca
publish publish e255
published_with_changes published_with_changes f232
punch_clock punch_clock eaa8
push_pin push_pin f10d
qr_code qr_code ef6b
qr_code_2 qr_code_2 e00a
qr_code_scanner qr_code_scanner f206
query_builder query_builder e8ae
query_stats query_stats e4fc
question_answer question_answer e8af
queue queue e03c
queue_music queue_music e03d
queue_play_next queue_play_next e066
quickreply quickreply ef6c
quiz quiz f04c
quora quora ea98
radar radar f04e
radio radio e03e
radio_button_checked radio_button_checked e837
radio_button_unchecked radio_button_unchecked e836
railway_alert railway_alert e9d1
ramen_dining ramen_dining ea64
rate_review rate_review e560
raw_off raw_off f04f
raw_on raw_on f050
read_more read_more ef6d
real_estate_agent real_estate_agent e73a
receipt receipt e8b0
receipt_long receipt_long ef6e
recent_actors recent_actors e03f
recommend recommend e9d2
record_voice_over record_voice_over e91f
recycling recycling e760
reddit reddit eaa0
redeem redeem e8b1
redo redo e15a
reduce_capacity reduce_capacity f21c
refresh refresh e5d5
remember_me remember_me f051
remove remove e15b
remove_circle remove_circle e15c
remove_circle_outline remove_circle_outline e15d
remove_done remove_done e9d3
remove_from_queue remove_from_queue e067
remove_moderator remove_moderator e9d4
remove_red_eye remove_red_eye e417
remove_shopping_cart remove_shopping_cart e928
reorder reorder e8fe
repeat repeat e040
repeat_on repeat_on e9d6
repeat_one repeat_one e041
repeat_one_on repeat_one_on e9d7
replay replay e042
replay_10 replay_10 e059
replay_30 replay_30 e05a
replay_5 replay_5 e05b
replay_circle_filled replay_circle_filled e9d8
reply reply e15e
reply_all reply_all e15f
report report e160
report_gmailerrorred report_gmailerrorred f052
report_off report_off e170
report_problem report_problem e8b2
request_page request_page f22c
request_quote request_quote f1b6
reset_tv reset_tv e9d9
restart_alt restart_alt f053
restaurant restaurant e56c
restaurant_menu restaurant_menu e561
restore restore e8b3
restore_from_trash restore_from_trash e938
restore_page restore_page e929
reviews reviews f054
rice_bowl rice_bowl f1f5
ring_volume ring_volume e0d1
roofing roofing f201
room room e8b4
room_preferences room_preferences f1b8
room_service room_service eb49
rotate_90_degrees_ccw rotate_90_degrees_ccw e418
rotate_90_degrees_cw rotate_90_degrees_cw eaab
rotate_left rotate_left e419
rotate_right rotate_right e41a
rounded_corner rounded_corner e920
route route eacd
router router e328
rowing rowing e921
rss_feed rss_feed e0e5
rsvp rsvp f055
rtt rtt e9ad
rule rule f1c2
rule_folder rule_folder f1c9
running_with_errors running_with_errors e51d
run_circle run_circle ef6f
rv_hookup rv_hookup e642
r_mobiledata r_mobiledata f04d
safety_divider safety_divider e1cc
sailing sailing e502
sanitizer sanitizer f21d
satellite satellite e562
save save e161
saved_search saved_search ea11
save_alt save_alt e171
savings savings e2eb
scanner scanner e329
scatter_plot scatter_plot e268
schedule schedule e8b5
schedule_send schedule_send ea0a
schema schema e4fd
school school e80c
science science ea4b
score score e269
screenshot screenshot f056
screen_lock_landscape screen_lock_landscape e1be
screen_lock_portrait screen_lock_portrait e1bf
screen_lock_rotation screen_lock_rotation e1c0
screen_rotation screen_rotation e1c1
screen_search_desktop screen_search_desktop ef70
screen_share screen_share e0e2
sd sd e9dd
sd_card sd_card e623
sd_card_alert sd_card_alert f057
sd_storage sd_storage e1c2
search search e8b6
search_off search_off ea76
security security e32a
security_update security_update f058
security_update_good security_update_good f059
security_update_warning security_update_warning f05a
segment segment e94b
select_all select_all e162
self_improvement self_improvement ea78
sell sell f05b
send send e163
send_and_archive send_and_archive ea0c
send_to_mobile send_to_mobile f05c
sensors sensors e51e
sensors_off sensors_off e51f
sensor_door sensor_door f1b5
sensor_window sensor_window f1b4
sentiment_dissatisfied sentiment_dissatisfied e811
sentiment_neutral sentiment_neutral e812
sentiment_satisfied sentiment_satisfied e813
sentiment_satisfied_alt sentiment_satisfied_alt e0ed
sentiment_very_dissatisfied sentiment_very_dissatisfied e814
sentiment_very_satisfied sentiment_very_satisfied e815
settings settings e8b8
settings_accessibility settings_accessibility f05d
settings_applications settings_applications e8b9
settings_backup_restore settings_backup_restore e8ba
settings_bluetooth settings_bluetooth e8bb
settings_brightness settings_brightness e8bd
settings_cell settings_cell e8bc
settings_ethernet settings_ethernet e8be
settings_input_antenna settings_input_antenna e8bf
settings_input_component settings_input_component e8c0
settings_input_composite settings_input_composite e8c1
settings_input_hdmi settings_input_hdmi e8c2
settings_input_svideo settings_input_svideo e8c3
settings_overscan settings_overscan e8c4
settings_phone settings_phone e8c5
settings_power settings_power e8c6
settings_remote settings_remote e8c7
settings_suggest settings_suggest f05e
settings_system_daydream settings_system_daydream e1c3
settings_voice settings_voice e8c8
set_meal set_meal f1ea
share share e80d
share_location share_location f05f
shield shield e9e0
shield_moon shield_moon eaa9
shop shop e8c9
shopify shopify ea9d
shopping_bag shopping_bag f1cc
shopping_basket shopping_basket e8cb
shopping_cart shopping_cart e8cc
shop_2 shop_2 e19e
shop_two shop_two e8ca
shortcut shortcut f060
short_text short_text e261
shower shower f061
show_chart show_chart e6e1
shuffle shuffle e043
shuffle_on shuffle_on e9e1
shutter_speed shutter_speed e43d
sick sick f220
signal_cellular_0_bar signal_cellular_0_bar f0a8
signal_cellular_4_bar signal_cellular_4_bar e1c8
signal_cellular_alt signal_cellular_alt e202
signal_cellular_connected_no_internet_0_bar signal_cellular_connected_no_internet_0_bar f0ac
signal_cellular_connected_no_internet_4_bar signal_cellular_connected_no_internet_4_bar e1cd
signal_cellular_nodata signal_cellular_nodata f062
signal_cellular_no_sim signal_cellular_no_sim e1ce
signal_cellular_null signal_cellular_null e1cf
signal_cellular_off signal_cellular_off e1d0
signal_wifi_0_bar signal_wifi_0_bar f0b0
signal_wifi_4_bar signal_wifi_4_bar e1d8
signal_wifi_4_bar_lock signal_wifi_4_bar_lock e1d9
signal_wifi_bad signal_wifi_bad f063
signal_wifi_connected_no_internet_4 signal_wifi_connected_no_internet_4 f064
signal_wifi_off signal_wifi_off e1da
signal_wifi_statusbar_4_bar signal_wifi_statusbar_4_bar f065
signal_wifi_statusbar_connected_no_internet_4 signal_wifi_statusbar_connected_no_internet_4 f066
signal_wifi_statusbar_null signal_wifi_statusbar_null f067
sim_card sim_card e32b
sim_card_alert sim_card_alert e624
sim_card_download sim_card_download f068
single_bed single_bed ea48
sip sip f069
skateboarding skateboarding e511
skip_next skip_next e044
skip_previous skip_previous e045
sledding sledding e512
slideshow slideshow e41b
slow_motion_video slow_motion_video e068
smartphone smartphone e32c
smart_button smart_button f1c1
smart_display smart_display f06a
smart_screen smart_screen f06b
smart_toy smart_toy f06c
smoke_free smoke_free eb4a
smoking_rooms smoking_rooms eb4b
sms sms e625
sms_failed sms_failed e626
snapchat snapchat ea6e
snippet_folder snippet_folder f1c7
snooze snooze e046
snowboarding snowboarding e513
snowmobile snowmobile e503
snowshoeing snowshoeing e514
soap soap f1b2
social_distance social_distance e1cb
sort sort e164
sort_by_alpha sort_by_alpha e053
soup_kitchen soup_kitchen e7d3
source source f1c4
south south f1e3
south_america south_america e7e4
south_east south_east f1e4
south_west south_west f1e5
spa spa eb4c
space_bar space_bar e256
space_dashboard space_dashboard e66b
speaker speaker e32d
speaker_group speaker_group e32e
speaker_notes speaker_notes e8cd
speaker_notes_off speaker_notes_off e92a
speaker_phone speaker_phone e0d2
speed speed e9e4
spellcheck spellcheck e8ce
splitscreen splitscreen f06d
spoke spoke e9a7
sports sports ea30
sports_bar sports_bar f1f3
sports_baseball sports_baseball ea51
sports_basketball sports_basketball ea26
sports_cricket sports_cricket ea27
sports_esports sports_esports ea28
sports_football sports_football ea29
sports_golf sports_golf ea2a
sports_handball sports_handball ea33
sports_hockey sports_hockey ea2b
sports_kabaddi sports_kabaddi ea34
sports_mma sports_mma ea2c
sports_motorsports sports_motorsports ea2d
sports_rugby sports_rugby ea2e
sports_score sports_score f06e
sports_soccer sports_soccer ea2f
sports_tennis sports_tennis ea32
sports_volleyball sports_volleyball ea31
square_foot square_foot ea49
stacked_bar_chart stacked_bar_chart e9e6
stacked_line_chart stacked_line_chart f22b
stairs stairs f1a9
star star e838
stars stars e8d0
star_border star_border e83a
star_border_purple500 star_border_purple500 f099
star_half star_half e839
star_outline star_outline f06f
star_purple500 star_purple500 f09a
star_rate star_rate e8cf
stay_current_landscape stay_current_landscape e0d3
stay_current_portrait stay_current_portrait e0d4
stay_primary_landscape stay_primary_landscape e0d5
stay_primary_portrait stay_primary_portrait e0d6
sticky_note_2 sticky_note_2 f1fc
stop stop e047
stop_circle stop_circle ef71
stop_screen_share stop_screen_share e0e3
storage storage e1db
store store e8d1
storefront storefront ea12
store_mall_directory store_mall_directory e563
storm storm f070
straighten straighten e41c
stream stream e9e9
streetview streetview e56e
strikethrough_s strikethrough_s e257
stroller stroller f1ae
style style e41d
subdirectory_arrow_left subdirectory_arrow_left e5d9
subdirectory_arrow_right subdirectory_arrow_right e5da
subject subject e8d2
subscript subscript f111
subscriptions subscriptions e064
subtitles subtitles e048
subtitles_off subtitles_off ef72
subway subway e56f
summarize summarize f071
superscript superscript f112
supervised_user_circle supervised_user_circle e939
supervisor_account supervisor_account e8d3
support support ef73
support_agent support_agent f0e2
surfing surfing e515
surround_sound surround_sound e049
swap_calls swap_calls e0d7
swap_horiz swap_horiz e8d4
swap_horizontal_circle swap_horizontal_circle e933
swap_vert swap_vert e8d5
swap_vertical_circle swap_vertical_circle e8d6
swipe swipe e9ec
switch_access_shortcut switch_access_shortcut e7e1
switch_access_shortcut_add switch_access_shortcut_add e7e2
switch_account switch_account e9ed
switch_camera switch_camera e41e
switch_left switch_left f1d1
switch_right switch_right f1d2
switch_video switch_video e41f
synagogue synagogue eab0
sync sync e627
sync_alt sync_alt ea18
sync_disabled sync_disabled e628
sync_problem sync_problem e629
system_security_update system_security_update f072
system_security_update_good system_security_update_good f073
system_security_update_warning system_security_update_warning f074
system_update system_update e62a
system_update_alt system_update_alt e8d7
tab tab e8d8
tablet tablet e32f
tablet_android tablet_android e330
tablet_mac tablet_mac e331
table_bar table_bar ead2
table_chart table_chart e265
table_restaurant table_restaurant eac6
table_rows table_rows f101
table_view table_view f1be
tab_unselected tab_unselected e8d9
tag tag e9ef
tag_faces tag_faces e420
takeout_dining takeout_dining ea74
tapas tapas f1e9
tap_and_play tap_and_play e62b
task task f075
task_alt task_alt e2e6
taxi_alert taxi_alert ef74
telegram telegram ea6b
temple_buddhist temple_buddhist eab3
temple_hindu temple_hindu eaaf
terrain terrain e564
textsms textsms e0d8
texture texture e421
text_fields text_fields e262
text_format text_format e165
text_rotate_up text_rotate_up e93a
text_rotate_vertical text_rotate_vertical e93b
text_rotation_angledown text_rotation_angledown e93c
text_rotation_angleup text_rotation_angleup e93d
text_rotation_down text_rotation_down e93e
text_rotation_none text_rotation_none e93f
text_snippet text_snippet f1c6
theaters theaters e8da
theater_comedy theater_comedy ea66
thermostat thermostat f076
thermostat_auto thermostat_auto f077
thumbs_up_down thumbs_up_down e8dd
thumb_down thumb_down e8db
thumb_down_alt thumb_down_alt e816
thumb_down_off_alt thumb_down_off_alt e9f2
thumb_up thumb_up e8dc
thumb_up_alt thumb_up_alt e817
thumb_up_off_alt thumb_up_off_alt e9f3
tiktok tiktok ea7e
timelapse timelapse e422
timeline timeline e922
timer timer e425
timer_10 timer_10 e423
timer_10_select timer_10_select f07a
timer_3 timer_3 e424
timer_3_select timer_3_select f07b
timer_off timer_off e426
time_to_leave time_to_leave e62c
tips_and_updates tips_and_updates e79a
title title e264
toc toc e8de
today today e8df
toggle_off toggle_off e9f5
toggle_on toggle_on e9f6
token token ea25
toll toll e8e0
tonality tonality e427
topic topic f1c8
touch_app touch_app e913
tour tour ef75
toys toys e332
track_changes track_changes e8e1
traffic traffic e565
train train e570
tram tram e571
transfer_within_a_station transfer_within_a_station e572
transform transform e428
transgender transgender e58d
transit_enterexit transit_enterexit e579
translate translate e8e2
travel_explore travel_explore e2db
trending_down trending_down e8e3
trending_flat trending_flat e8e4
trending_up trending_up e8e5
trip_origin trip_origin e57b
try try f07c
tty tty f1aa
tune tune e429
tungsten tungsten f07d
turned_in turned_in e8e6
turned_in_not turned_in_not e8e7
tv tv e333
tv_off tv_off e647
two_wheeler two_wheeler e9f9
umbrella umbrella f1ad
unarchive unarchive e169
undo undo e166
unfold_less unfold_less e5d6
unfold_more unfold_more e5d7
unpublished unpublished f236
unsubscribe unsubscribe e0eb
upcoming upcoming f07e
update update e923
update_disabled update_disabled e075
upgrade upgrade f0fb
upload upload f09b
upload_file upload_file e9fc
usb usb e1e0
usb_off usb_off e4fa
vaccines vaccines e138
verified verified ef76
verified_user verified_user e8e8
vertical_align_bottom vertical_align_bottom e258
vertical_align_center vertical_align_center e259
vertical_align_top vertical_align_top e25a
vertical_distribute vertical_distribute e076
vertical_split vertical_split e949
vibration vibration e62d
videocam videocam e04b
videocam_off videocam_off e04c
videogame_asset videogame_asset e338
videogame_asset_off videogame_asset_off e500
video_call video_call e070
video_camera_back video_camera_back f07f
video_camera_front video_camera_front f080
video_label video_label e071
video_library video_library e04a
video_settings video_settings ea75
video_stable video_stable f081
view_agenda view_agenda e8e9
view_array view_array e8ea
view_carousel view_carousel e8eb
view_column view_column e8ec
view_comfy view_comfy e42a
view_compact view_compact e42b
view_day view_day e8ed
view_headline view_headline e8ee
view_in_ar view_in_ar e9fe
view_list view_list e8ef
view_module view_module e8f0
view_quilt view_quilt e8f1
view_sidebar view_sidebar f114
view_stream view_stream e8f2
view_week view_week e8f3
vignette vignette e435
villa villa e586
visibility visibility e8f4
visibility_off visibility_off e8f5
voicemail voicemail e0d9
voice_chat voice_chat e62e
voice_over_off voice_over_off e94a
volume_down volume_down e04d
volume_mute volume_mute e04e
volume_off volume_off e04f
volume_up volume_up e050
volunteer_activism volunteer_activism ea70
vpn_key vpn_key e0da
vpn_lock vpn_lock e62f
vrpano vrpano f082
wallpaper wallpaper e1bc
warning warning e002
warning_amber warning_amber f083
wash wash f1b1
watch watch e334
watch_later watch_later e924
water water f084
waterfall_chart waterfall_chart ea00
water_damage water_damage f203
water_drop water_drop e798
waves waves e176
waving_hand waving_hand e766
wb_auto wb_auto e42c
wb_cloudy wb_cloudy e42d
wb_incandescent wb_incandescent e42e
wb_iridescent wb_iridescent e436
wb_shade wb_shade ea01
wb_sunny wb_sunny e430
wb_twilight wb_twilight e1c6
wc wc e63d
web web e051
web_asset web_asset e069
web_asset_off web_asset_off e4f7
wechat wechat ea81
weekend weekend e16b
west west f1e6
whatsapp whatsapp ea9c
whatshot whatshot e80e
wheelchair_pickup wheelchair_pickup f1ab
where_to_vote where_to_vote e177
widgets widgets e1bd
wifi wifi e63e
wifi_calling wifi_calling ef77
wifi_calling_3 wifi_calling_3 f085
wifi_lock wifi_lock e1e1
wifi_off wifi_off e648
wifi_protected_setup wifi_protected_setup f0fc
wifi_tethering wifi_tethering e1e2
wifi_tethering_error wifi_tethering_error ead9
wifi_tethering_error_rounded wifi_tethering_error_rounded f086
wifi_tethering_off wifi_tethering_off f087
window window f088
wine_bar wine_bar f1e8
woman woman e13e
woo_commerce woo_commerce ea6d
wordpress wordpress ea9f
work work e8f9
workspaces workspaces e1a0
workspace_premium workspace_premium e7af
work_off work_off e942
work_outline work_outline e943
wrap_text wrap_text e25b
wrong_location wrong_location ef78
wysiwyg wysiwyg f1c3
yard yard f089
youtube_searched_for youtube_searched_for e8fa
zoom_in zoom_in e8ff
zoom_out zoom_out e900
zoom_out_map zoom_out_map e56b

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