Google material image icons

List of all google material image icons.

Icon Icon name Unicode Try
10mp 10mp e952
11mp 11mp e953
12mp 12mp e954
13mp 13mp e955
14mp 14mp e956
15mp 15mp e957
16mp 16mp e958
17mp 17mp e959
18mp 18mp e95a
19mp 19mp e95b
20mp 20mp e95e
21mp 21mp e95f
22mp 22mp e960
23mp 23mp e961
24mp 24mp e962
2mp 2mp e965
30fps_select 30fps_select efcf
3mp 3mp e968
4mp 4mp e96a
5mp 5mp e96d
60fps_select 60fps_select efd5
6mp 6mp e970
7mp 7mp e973
8mp 8mp e976
9mp 9mp e979
add_a_photo add_a_photo e439
add_photo_alternate add_photo_alternate e43e
add_to_photos add_to_photos e39d
adjust adjust e39e
animation animation e71c
assistant assistant e39f
assistant_photo assistant_photo e3a0
audiotrack audiotrack e3a1
autofps_select autofps_select efdc
auto_awesome auto_awesome e65f
auto_awesome_mosaic auto_awesome_mosaic e660
auto_awesome_motion auto_awesome_motion e661
auto_fix_high auto_fix_high e663
auto_fix_normal auto_fix_normal e664
auto_fix_off auto_fix_off e665
auto_stories auto_stories e666
bedtime bedtime ef44
blur_circular blur_circular e3a2
blur_linear blur_linear e3a3
blur_off blur_off e3a4
blur_on blur_on e3a5
brightness_1 brightness_1 e3a6
brightness_2 brightness_2 e3a7
brightness_3 brightness_3 e3a8
brightness_4 brightness_4 e3a9
brightness_5 brightness_5 e3aa
brightness_6 brightness_6 e3ab
brightness_7 brightness_7 e3ac
broken_image broken_image e3ad
brush brush e3ae
burst_mode burst_mode e43c
camera camera e3af
camera_alt camera_alt e3b0
camera_front camera_front e3b1
camera_rear camera_rear e3b2
camera_roll camera_roll e3b3
cases cases e992
center_focus_strong center_focus_strong e3b4
center_focus_weak center_focus_weak e3b5
circle circle ef4a
collections collections e3b6
collections_bookmark collections_bookmark e431
colorize colorize e3b8
color_lens color_lens e3b7
compare compare e3b9
control_point control_point e3ba
control_point_duplicate control_point_duplicate e3bb
crop crop e3be
crop_16_9 crop_16_9 e3bc
crop_3_2 crop_3_2 e3bd
crop_5_4 crop_5_4 e3bf
crop_7_5 crop_7_5 e3c0
crop_din crop_din e3c1
crop_free crop_free e3c2
crop_landscape crop_landscape e3c3
crop_original crop_original e3c4
crop_portrait crop_portrait e3c5
crop_rotate crop_rotate e437
crop_square crop_square e3c6
dehaze dehaze e3c7
details details e3c8
dirty_lens dirty_lens ef4b
edit edit e3c9
euro euro ea15
exposure exposure e3ca
exposure_neg_1 exposure_neg_1 e3cb
exposure_neg_2 exposure_neg_2 e3cc
exposure_plus_1 exposure_plus_1 e3cd
exposure_plus_2 exposure_plus_2 e3ce
exposure_zero exposure_zero e3cf
face_retouching_natural face_retouching_natural ef4e
face_retouching_off face_retouching_off f007
filter filter e3d3
filter_1 filter_1 e3d0
filter_2 filter_2 e3d1
filter_3 filter_3 e3d2
filter_4 filter_4 e3d4
filter_5 filter_5 e3d5
filter_6 filter_6 e3d6
filter_7 filter_7 e3d7
filter_8 filter_8 e3d8
filter_9 filter_9 e3d9
filter_9_plus filter_9_plus e3da
filter_b_and_w filter_b_and_w e3db
filter_center_focus filter_center_focus e3dc
filter_drama filter_drama e3dd
filter_frames filter_frames e3de
filter_hdr filter_hdr e3df
filter_none filter_none e3e0
filter_tilt_shift filter_tilt_shift e3e2
filter_vintage filter_vintage e3e3
flare flare e3e4
flash_auto flash_auto e3e5
flash_off flash_off e3e6
flash_on flash_on e3e7
flip flip e3e8
flip_camera_android flip_camera_android ea37
flip_camera_ios flip_camera_ios ea38
gradient gradient e3e9
grain grain e3ea
grid_off grid_off e3eb
grid_on grid_on e3ec
hdr_enhanced_select hdr_enhanced_select ef51
hdr_off hdr_off e3ed
hdr_on hdr_on e3ee
hdr_plus hdr_plus f01e
hdr_strong hdr_strong e3f1
hdr_weak hdr_weak e3f2
healing healing e3f3
hevc hevc f021
hide_image hide_image f022
image image e3f4
image_aspect_ratio image_aspect_ratio e3f5
image_not_supported image_not_supported f116
image_search image_search e43f
incomplete_circle incomplete_circle e79b
iso iso e3f6
landscape landscape e3f7
leak_add leak_add e3f8
leak_remove leak_remove e3f9
lens lens e3fa
linked_camera linked_camera e438
logo_dev logo_dev ead6
looks looks e3fc
looks_3 looks_3 e3fb
looks_4 looks_4 e3fd
looks_5 looks_5 e3fe
looks_6 looks_6 e3ff
looks_one looks_one e400
looks_two looks_two e401
loupe loupe e402
mic_external_off mic_external_off ef59
mic_external_on mic_external_on ef5a
monochrome_photos monochrome_photos e403
motion_photos_auto motion_photos_auto f03a
motion_photos_off motion_photos_off e9c0
motion_photos_on motion_photos_on e9c1
motion_photos_pause motion_photos_pause f227
motion_photos_paused motion_photos_paused e9c2
movie_creation movie_creation e404
movie_filter movie_filter e43a
mp mp e9c3
music_note music_note e405
music_off music_off e440
nature nature e406
nature_people nature_people e407
navigate_before navigate_before e408
navigate_next navigate_next e409
palette palette e40a
panorama panorama e40b
panorama_fish_eye panorama_fish_eye e40c
panorama_horizontal panorama_horizontal e40d
panorama_horizontal_select panorama_horizontal_select ef60
panorama_photosphere panorama_photosphere e9c9
panorama_photosphere_select panorama_photosphere_select e9ca
panorama_vertical panorama_vertical e40e
panorama_vertical_select panorama_vertical_select ef61
panorama_wide_angle panorama_wide_angle e40f
panorama_wide_angle_select panorama_wide_angle_select ef62
photo photo e410
photo_album photo_album e411
photo_camera photo_camera e412
photo_camera_back photo_camera_back ef68
photo_camera_front photo_camera_front ef69
photo_filter photo_filter e43b
photo_library photo_library e413
photo_size_select_actual photo_size_select_actual e432
photo_size_select_large photo_size_select_large e433
photo_size_select_small photo_size_select_small e434
picture_as_pdf picture_as_pdf e415
portrait portrait e416
raw_off raw_off f04f
raw_on raw_on f050
receipt_long receipt_long ef6e
remove_red_eye remove_red_eye e417
rotate_90_degrees_ccw rotate_90_degrees_ccw e418
rotate_90_degrees_cw rotate_90_degrees_cw eaab
rotate_left rotate_left e419
rotate_right rotate_right e41a
shutter_speed shutter_speed e43d
slideshow slideshow e41b
straighten straighten e41c
style style e41d
switch_camera switch_camera e41e
switch_video switch_video e41f
tag_faces tag_faces e420
texture texture e421
thermostat_auto thermostat_auto f077
timelapse timelapse e422
timer timer e425
timer_10 timer_10 e423
timer_3 timer_3 e424
timer_off timer_off e426
tonality tonality e427
transform transform e428
tune tune e429
video_camera_back video_camera_back f07f
video_camera_front video_camera_front f080
video_stable video_stable f081
view_comfy view_comfy e42a
view_compact view_compact e42b
vignette vignette e435
vrpano vrpano f082
wb_auto wb_auto e42c
wb_cloudy wb_cloudy e42d
wb_incandescent wb_incandescent e42e
wb_iridescent wb_iridescent e436
wb_shade wb_shade ea01
wb_sunny wb_sunny e430
wb_twilight wb_twilight e1c6

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