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Google material maps icons

List of all google material maps icons.

Icon Icon name Unicode Try
360 360 e577
add_business add_business e729
add_location add_location e567
add_location_alt add_location_alt ef3a
add_road add_road ef3b
agriculture agriculture ea79
airlines airlines e7ca
airline_stops airline_stops e7d0
alt_route alt_route f184
atm atm e573
attractions attractions ea52
badge badge ea67
bakery_dining bakery_dining ea53
beenhere beenhere e52d
bike_scooter bike_scooter ef45
breakfast_dining breakfast_dining ea54
brunch_dining brunch_dining ea73
bus_alert bus_alert e98f
car_rental car_rental ea55
car_repair car_repair ea56
castle castle eab1
category category e574
celebration celebration ea65
church church eaae
cleaning_services cleaning_services f0ff
compass_calibration compass_calibration e57c
connecting_airports connecting_airports e7c9
delivery_dining delivery_dining ea72
departure_board departure_board e576
design_services design_services f10a
diamond diamond ead5
dinner_dining dinner_dining ea57
directions directions e52e
directions_bike directions_bike e52f
directions_boat directions_boat e532
directions_boat_filled directions_boat_filled eff5
directions_bus directions_bus e530
directions_bus_filled directions_bus_filled eff6
directions_car directions_car e531
directions_car_filled directions_car_filled eff7
directions_railway directions_railway e534
directions_railway_filled directions_railway_filled eff8
directions_run directions_run e566
directions_subway directions_subway e533
directions_subway_filled directions_subway_filled eff9
directions_transit directions_transit e535
directions_transit_filled directions_transit_filled effa
directions_walk directions_walk e536
dry_cleaning dry_cleaning ea58
edit_attributes edit_attributes e578
edit_location edit_location e568
edit_location_alt edit_location_alt e1c5
edit_road edit_road ef4d
egg egg eacc
egg_alt egg_alt eac8
electrical_services electrical_services f102
electric_bike electric_bike eb1b
electric_car electric_car eb1c
electric_moped electric_moped eb1d
electric_rickshaw electric_rickshaw eb1e
electric_scooter electric_scooter eb1f
emergency emergency e1eb
ev_station ev_station e56d
fastfood fastfood e57a
festival festival ea68
flight flight e539
flight_class flight_class e7cb
forest forest ea99
fort fort eaad
hail hail e9b1
handyman handyman f10b
hardware hardware ea59
home_repair_service home_repair_service f100
hotel hotel e53a
hvac hvac f10e
icecream icecream ea69
kebab_dining kebab_dining e842
layers layers e53b
layers_clear layers_clear e53c
liquor liquor ea60
local_activity local_activity e53f
local_airport local_airport e53d
local_atm local_atm e53e
local_bar local_bar e540
local_cafe local_cafe e541
local_car_wash local_car_wash e542
local_convenience_store local_convenience_store e543
local_dining local_dining e556
local_drink local_drink e544
local_fire_department local_fire_department ef55
local_florist local_florist e545
local_gas_station local_gas_station e546
local_grocery_store local_grocery_store e547
local_hospital local_hospital e548
local_hotel local_hotel e549
local_laundry_service local_laundry_service e54a
local_library local_library e54b
local_mall local_mall e54c
local_movies local_movies e54d
local_offer local_offer e54e
local_parking local_parking e54f
local_pharmacy local_pharmacy e550
local_phone local_phone e551
local_pizza local_pizza e552
local_play local_play e553
local_police local_police ef56
local_post_office local_post_office e554
local_printshop local_printshop e555
local_see local_see e557
local_shipping local_shipping e558
local_taxi local_taxi e559
lunch_dining lunch_dining ea61
map map e55b
maps_ugc maps_ugc ef58
medical_services medical_services f109
menu_book menu_book ea19
miscellaneous_services miscellaneous_services f10c
mode_of_travel mode_of_travel e7ce
money money e57d
moped moped eb28
mosque mosque eab2
moving moving e501
multiple_stop multiple_stop f1b9
museum museum ea36
my_location my_location e55c
navigation navigation e55d
near_me near_me e569
near_me_disabled near_me_disabled f1ef
nightlife nightlife ea62
not_listed_location not_listed_location e575
no_meals no_meals f1d6
no_transfer no_transfer f1d5
park park ea63
pedal_bike pedal_bike eb29
person_pin person_pin e55a
person_pin_circle person_pin_circle e56a
pest_control pest_control f0fa
pest_control_rodent pest_control_rodent f0fd
pin_drop pin_drop e55e
place place e55f
plumbing plumbing f107
railway_alert railway_alert e9d1
ramen_dining ramen_dining ea64
rate_review rate_review e560
restaurant restaurant e56c
restaurant_menu restaurant_menu e561
route route eacd
run_circle run_circle ef6f
sailing sailing e502
satellite satellite e562
set_meal set_meal f1ea
snowmobile snowmobile e503
soup_kitchen soup_kitchen e7d3
store_mall_directory store_mall_directory e563
streetview streetview e56e
subway subway e56f
synagogue synagogue eab0
takeout_dining takeout_dining ea74
taxi_alert taxi_alert ef74
temple_buddhist temple_buddhist eab3
temple_hindu temple_hindu eaaf
terrain terrain e564
theater_comedy theater_comedy ea66
traffic traffic e565
train train e570
tram tram e571
transfer_within_a_station transfer_within_a_station e572
transit_enterexit transit_enterexit e579
trip_origin trip_origin e57b
two_wheeler two_wheeler e9f9
volunteer_activism volunteer_activism ea70
wine_bar wine_bar f1e8
wrong_location wrong_location ef78
zoom_out_map zoom_out_map e56b

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