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Google material navigation icons

List of all google material navigation icons.

Icon Icon name Unicode Try
apps apps e5c3
apps_outage apps_outage e7cc
app_settings_alt app_settings_alt ef41
arrow_back arrow_back e5c4
arrow_back_ios arrow_back_ios e5e0
arrow_back_ios_new arrow_back_ios_new e2ea
arrow_downward arrow_downward e5db
arrow_drop_down arrow_drop_down e5c5
arrow_drop_down_circle arrow_drop_down_circle e5c6
arrow_drop_up arrow_drop_up e5c7
arrow_forward arrow_forward e5c8
arrow_forward_ios arrow_forward_ios e5e1
arrow_left arrow_left e5de
arrow_right arrow_right e5df
arrow_upward arrow_upward e5d8
assistant_direction assistant_direction e988
campaign campaign ef49
cancel cancel e5c9
check check e5ca
chevron_left chevron_left e5cb
chevron_right chevron_right e5cc
close close e5cd
double_arrow double_arrow ea50
east east f1df
expand_circle_down expand_circle_down e7cd
expand_less expand_less e5ce
expand_more expand_more e5cf
first_page first_page e5dc
fullscreen fullscreen e5d0
fullscreen_exit fullscreen_exit e5d1
home_work home_work ea09
last_page last_page e5dd
legend_toggle legend_toggle f11b
maps_home_work maps_home_work f030
menu menu e5d2
menu_open menu_open e9bd
more_horiz more_horiz e5d3
more_vert more_vert e5d4
north north f1e0
north_east north_east f1e1
north_west north_west f1e2
offline_share offline_share e9c5
payments payments ef63
pivot_table_chart pivot_table_chart e9ce
refresh refresh e5d5
south south f1e3
south_east south_east f1e4
south_west south_west f1e5
subdirectory_arrow_left subdirectory_arrow_left e5d9
subdirectory_arrow_right subdirectory_arrow_right e5da
switch_left switch_left f1d1
switch_right switch_right f1d2
unfold_less unfold_less e5d6
unfold_more unfold_more e5d7
waterfall_chart waterfall_chart ea00
west west f1e6

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