Google material notification icons

List of all google material notification icons.

Icon Icon name Unicode Try
account_tree account_tree e97a
adb adb e60e
airline_seat_flat airline_seat_flat e630
airline_seat_flat_angled airline_seat_flat_angled e631
airline_seat_individual_suite airline_seat_individual_suite e632
airline_seat_legroom_extra airline_seat_legroom_extra e633
airline_seat_legroom_normal airline_seat_legroom_normal e634
airline_seat_legroom_reduced airline_seat_legroom_reduced e635
airline_seat_recline_extra airline_seat_recline_extra e636
airline_seat_recline_normal airline_seat_recline_normal e637
bluetooth_audio bluetooth_audio e60f
confirmation_number confirmation_number e638
directions_off directions_off f10f
disc_full disc_full e610
do_disturb do_disturb f08c
do_disturb_alt do_disturb_alt f08d
do_disturb_off do_disturb_off f08e
do_disturb_on do_disturb_on f08f
do_not_disturb do_not_disturb e612
do_not_disturb_alt do_not_disturb_alt e611
do_not_disturb_off do_not_disturb_off e643
do_not_disturb_on do_not_disturb_on e644
drive_eta drive_eta e613
enhanced_encryption enhanced_encryption e63f
event_available event_available e614
event_busy event_busy e615
event_note event_note e616
folder_special folder_special e617
imagesearch_roller imagesearch_roller e9b4
live_tv live_tv e639
mms mms e618
more more e619
network_check network_check e640
network_locked network_locked e61a
no_encryption no_encryption e641
no_encryption_gmailerrorred no_encryption_gmailerrorred f03f
ondemand_video ondemand_video e63a
personal_video personal_video e63b
phone_bluetooth_speaker phone_bluetooth_speaker e61b
phone_callback phone_callback e649
phone_forwarded phone_forwarded e61c
phone_in_talk phone_in_talk e61d
phone_locked phone_locked e61e
phone_missed phone_missed e61f
phone_paused phone_paused e620
power power e63c
power_off power_off e646
priority_high priority_high e645
running_with_errors running_with_errors e51d
sd_card sd_card e623
sd_card_alert sd_card_alert f057
sim_card_alert sim_card_alert e624
sms sms e625
sms_failed sms_failed e626
support_agent support_agent f0e2
sync sync e627
sync_disabled sync_disabled e628
sync_problem sync_problem e629
system_update system_update e62a
tap_and_play tap_and_play e62b
time_to_leave time_to_leave e62c
tv_off tv_off e647
vibration vibration e62d
voice_chat voice_chat e62e
vpn_lock vpn_lock e62f
wc wc e63d
wifi wifi e63e
wifi_off wifi_off e648

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