Google material places icons

List of all google material places icons.

Icon Icon name Unicode Try
ac_unit ac_unit eb3b
airport_shuttle airport_shuttle eb3c
all_inclusive all_inclusive ebsd
apartment apartment ea40
baby_changing_station baby_changing_station f19b
backpack backpack f19c
balcony balcony e58f
bathtub bathtub ea41
beach_access beach_access eb3e
bento bento f1f4
bungalow bungalow e591
business_center business_center eb3f
cabin cabin e589
carpenter carpenter f1f8
casino casino eb40
chalet chalet e585
charging_station charging_station f19d
checkroom checkroom f19e
child_care child_care eb41
child_friendly child_friendly eb42
corporate_fare corporate_fare f1d0
cottage cottage e587
countertops countertops f1f7
crib crib e588
do_not_step do_not_step f19f
do_not_touch do_not_touch f1b0
dry dry f1b3
elevator elevator f1a0
escalator escalator f1a1
escalator_warning escalator_warning f1ac
family_restroom family_restroom f1a2
fence fence f1f6
fire_extinguisher fire_extinguisher f1d8
fitness_center fitness_center eb43
food_bank food_bank f1f2
foundation foundation f200
free_breakfast free_breakfast eb44
gite gite e58b
golf_course golf_course eb45
grass grass f205
holiday_village holiday_village e58a
hot_tub hot_tub eb46
house house ea44
houseboat houseboat e584
house_siding house_siding f202
iron iron e583
kitchen kitchen eb47
meeting_room meeting_room eb4f
microwave microwave f204
night_shelter night_shelter f1f1
no_backpack no_backpack f237
no_cell no_cell f1a4
no_drinks no_drinks f1a5
no_flash no_flash f1a6
no_food no_food f1a7
no_meeting_room no_meeting_room eb4e
no_photography no_photography f1a8
no_stroller no_stroller f1af
other_houses other_houses e58c
pool pool eb48
rice_bowl rice_bowl f1f5
roofing roofing f201
room_preferences room_preferences f1b8
room_service room_service eb49
rv_hookup rv_hookup e642
smoke_free smoke_free eb4a
smoking_rooms smoking_rooms eb4b
soap soap f1b2
spa spa eb4c
sports_bar sports_bar f1f3
stairs stairs f1a9
storefront storefront ea12
stroller stroller f1ae
tapas tapas f1e9
tty tty f1aa
umbrella umbrella f1ad
villa villa e586
wash wash f1b1
water_damage water_damage f203
wheelchair_pickup wheelchair_pickup f1ab

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