Google material search icons

List of all google material search icons.

Icon Icon name Unicode Try
bathroom bathroom efdd
bed bed efdf
bedroom_baby bedroom_baby efe0
bedroom_child bedroom_child efe1
bedroom_parent bedroom_parent efe2
blender blender efe3
camera_indoor camera_indoor efe9
camera_outdoor camera_outdoor efea
chair chair efed
chair_alt chair_alt efee
coffee coffee efef
coffee_maker coffee_maker eff0
dining dining eff4
doorbell doorbell efff
door_back door_back effc
door_front door_front effd
door_sliding door_sliding effe
feed feed f009
flatware flatware f00c
garage garage f011
light light f02a
living living f02b
manage_search manage_search f02f
podcasts podcasts f048
shower shower f061
table_bar table_bar ead2
table_restaurant table_restaurant eac6
window window f088
yard yard f089

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