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Google material social icons

List of all google material social icons.

Icon Icon name Unicode Try
6_ft_apart 6_ft_apart f21e
add_moderator add_moderator e97d
add_reaction add_reaction e1d3
adobe adobe ea96
apple apple ea80
architecture architecture ea3b
back_hand back_hand e764
cake cake e7e9
catching_pokemon catching_pokemon e508
clean_hands clean_hands f21f
co2 co2 e7b0
compost compost e761
connect_without_contact connect_without_contact f223
construction construction ea3c
cookie cookie eaac
coronavirus coronavirus f221
cruelty_free cruelty_free e799
deck deck ea42
discord discord ea6c
domain domain e7ee
downhill_skiing downhill_skiing e509
edit_notifications edit_notifications e525
elderly elderly f21a
emoji_emotions emoji_emotions ea22
emoji_events emoji_events ea23
emoji_food_beverage emoji_food_beverage ea1b
emoji_nature emoji_nature ea1c
emoji_objects emoji_objects ea24
emoji_people emoji_people ea1d
emoji_symbols emoji_symbols ea1e
emoji_transportation emoji_transportation ea1f
engineering engineering ea3d
female female e590
fireplace fireplace ea43
fitbit fitbit e82b
follow_the_signs follow_the_signs f222
front_hand front_hand e769
group group e7ef
groups groups f233
group_add group_add e7f0
group_off group_off e747
group_remove group_remove e7ad
health_and_safety health_and_safety e1d5
heart_broken heart_broken eac2
hiking hiking e50a
history_edu history_edu ea3e
hive hive eaa6
ice_skating ice_skating e50b
interests interests e7c8
ios_share ios_share e6b8
kayaking kayaking e50c
king_bed king_bed ea45
kitesurfing kitesurfing e50d
location_city location_city e7f1
luggage luggage f235
male male e58e
man man e4eb
masks masks f218
military_tech military_tech ea3f
mood mood e7f2
mood_bad mood_bad e7f3
nights_stay nights_stay ea46
nordic_walking nordic_walking e50e
notifications notifications e7f4
notifications_active notifications_active e7f7
notifications_none notifications_none e7f5
notifications_off notifications_off e7f6
notifications_paused notifications_paused e7f8
notification_add notification_add e399
no_luggage no_luggage f23b
outdoor_grill outdoor_grill ea47
pages pages e7f9
paragliding paragliding e50f
party_mode party_mode e7fa
paypal paypal ea8d
people people e7fb
people_alt people_alt ea21
people_outline people_outline e7fc
person person e7fd
personal_injury personal_injury e6da
person_add person_add e7fe
person_add_alt person_add_alt ea4d
person_add_alt_1 person_add_alt_1 ef65
person_off person_off e510
person_outline person_outline e7ff
person_remove person_remove ef66
person_remove_alt_1 person_remove_alt_1 e510
piano piano e521
piano_off piano_off e520
pix pix eaa3
plus_one plus_one e800
poll poll e801
precision_manufacturing precision_manufacturing f049
psychology psychology ea4a
public public e80b
public_off public_off f1ca
quora quora ea98
real_estate_agent real_estate_agent e73a
recommend recommend e9d2
recycling recycling e760
reddit reddit eaa0
reduce_capacity reduce_capacity f21c
remove_moderator remove_moderator e9d4
safety_divider safety_divider e1cc
sanitizer sanitizer f21d
school school e80c
science science ea4b
self_improvement self_improvement ea78
sentiment_dissatisfied sentiment_dissatisfied e811
sentiment_neutral sentiment_neutral e812
sentiment_satisfied sentiment_satisfied e813
sentiment_very_dissatisfied sentiment_very_dissatisfied e814
sentiment_very_satisfied sentiment_very_satisfied e815
share share e80d
shopify shopify ea9d
sick sick f220
single_bed single_bed ea48
skateboarding skateboarding e511
sledding sledding e512
snapchat snapchat ea6e
snowboarding snowboarding e513
snowshoeing snowshoeing e514
social_distance social_distance e1cb
south_america south_america e7e4
sports sports ea30
sports_baseball sports_baseball ea51
sports_basketball sports_basketball ea26
sports_cricket sports_cricket ea27
sports_esports sports_esports ea28
sports_football sports_football ea29
sports_golf sports_golf ea2a
sports_handball sports_handball ea33
sports_hockey sports_hockey ea2b
sports_kabaddi sports_kabaddi ea34
sports_mma sports_mma ea2c
sports_motorsports sports_motorsports ea2d
sports_rugby sports_rugby ea2e
sports_soccer sports_soccer ea2f
sports_tennis sports_tennis ea32
sports_volleyball sports_volleyball ea31
surfing surfing e515
switch_account switch_account e9ed
telegram telegram ea6b
thumb_down_alt thumb_down_alt e816
thumb_up_alt thumb_up_alt e817
tiktok tiktok ea7e
transgender transgender e58d
travel_explore travel_explore e2db
vaccines vaccines e138
water_drop water_drop e798
waving_hand waving_hand e766
wechat wechat ea81
whatsapp whatsapp ea9c
whatshot whatshot e80e
woman woman e13e
woo_commerce woo_commerce ea6d
wordpress wordpress ea9f
workspace_premium workspace_premium e7af

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