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Font awesome arrows icons

List of all font awesome arrows icons.

icon icon class unicode try
fas fa-angle-double-down f103
fas fa-angle-double-left f100
fas fa-angle-double-right f101
fas fa-angle-double-up f102
fas fa-angle-down f107
fas fa-angle-left f104
fas fa-angle-right f105
fas fa-angle-up f106
fas fa-arrow-alt-circle-down f358
far fa-arrow-alt-circle-down f358
fas fa-arrow-alt-circle-left f359
far fa-arrow-alt-circle-left f359
fas fa-arrow-alt-circle-right f35a
far fa-arrow-alt-circle-right f35a
fas fa-arrow-alt-circle-up f35b
far fa-arrow-alt-circle-up f35b
fas fa-arrow-circle-down f0ab
fas fa-arrow-circle-left f0a8
fas fa-arrow-circle-right f0a9
fas fa-arrow-circle-up f0aa
fas fa-arrow-down f063
fas fa-arrow-left f060
fas fa-arrow-right f061
fas fa-arrow-up f062
fas fa-arrows-alt f0b2
fas fa-arrows-alt-h f337
fas fa-arrows-alt-v f338
fas fa-caret-down f0d7
fas fa-caret-left f0d9
fas fa-caret-right f0da
fas fa-caret-up f0d8
fas fa-caret-square-down f150
far fa-caret-square-down f150
fas fa-caret-square-left f191
far fa-caret-square-left f191
fas fa-caret-square-right f152
far fa-caret-square-right f152
fas fa-caret-square-up f151
far fa-caret-square-up f151
fas fa-cart-arrow-down f218
fas fa-chart-line f201
fas fa-chevron-circle-down f13a
fas fa-chevron-circle-left f137
fas fa-chevron-circle-right f138
fas fa-chevron-circle-up f139
fas fa-chevron-down f078
fas fa-chevron-left f053
fas fa-chevron-right f054
fas fa-chevron-up f077
fas fa-cloud-download-alt f381
fas fa-cloud-upload-alt f382
fas fa-compress-arrows-alt f78c
fas fa-download f019
fas fa-exchange-alt f362
fas fa-expand-arrows-alt f31e
fas fa-external-link-alt f35d
fas fa-external-link-square-alt f360
fas fa-hand-point-down f0a7
far fa-hand-point-down f0a7
fas fa-hand-point-left f0a5
far fa-hand-point-left f0a5
fas fa-hand-point-right f0a4
far fa-hand-point-right f0a4
fas fa-hand-point-up f0a6
far fa-hand-point-up f0a6
fas fa-hand-pointer f25a
far fa-hand-pointer f25a
fas fa-history f1da
fas fa-level-down-alt f3be
fas fa-level-up-alt f3bf
fas fa-location-arrow f124
fas fa-long-arrow-alt-down f309
fas fa-long-arrow-alt-left f30a
fas fa-long-arrow-alt-right f30b
fas fa-long-arrow-alt-up f30c
fas fa-mouse-pointer f245
fas fa-play f04b
fas fa-random f074
fas fa-recycle f1b8
fas fa-redo f01e
fas fa-redo-alt f2f9
fas fa-reply f3e5
fas fa-reply-all f122
fas fa-retweet f079
fas fa-share f064
fas fa-share-square f14d
far fa-share-square f14d
fas fa-sign-in-alt f216
fas fa-sign-out-alt f215
fas fa-sort f0dc
fas fa-sort-alpha-down f15d
fas fa-sort-alpha-up f15e
fas fa-sort-amount-down f160
fas fa-sort-amount-up f161
fas fa-sort-down f0ad
fas fa-sort-numeric-down f162
fas fa-sort-numeric-up f163
fas fa-sort-up f0de
fas fa-sync f021
fas fa-sync-alt f2f1
fas fa-text-height f034
fas fa-text-width f035
fas fa-undo f0e2
fas fa-undo-alt f2ea
fas fa-upload f093

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