Font awesome audio and video icons

List of all font awesome audio and video icons.

icon icon class unicode try
fas fa-audio-description f29e
fas fa-backward f04a
fas fa-broadcast-tower f519
fas fa-circle f111
far fa-circle f111
fas fa-closed-captioning f20a
far fa-closed-captioning f20a
fas fa-compress f066
fas fa-compress-arrows-alt f78c
fas fa-eject f052
fas fa-expand f065
fas fa-expand-arrows-alt f31e
fas fa-fast-backward f049
fas fa-fast-forward f050
fas fa-file-audio f1c7
far fa-file-audio f1c7
fas fa-file-video f1c8
far fa-file-video f1c8
fas fa-film f008
fas fa-forward f04e
fas fa-headphones f025
fas fa-microphone f130
fas fa-microphone-alt f3c9
fas fa-microphone-alt-slash f539
fas fa-microphone-slash f131
fas fa-music f001
fas fa-pause f04c
fas fa-pause-circle f28b
far fa-pause-circle f28b
fas fa-phone-volume f2a0
fas fa-play f04b
fas fa-play-circle f144
far fa-play-circle f144
fas fa-podcast f2ce
fas fa-random f074
fas fa-redo f01e
fas fa-redo-alt f2f9
fas fa-rss f09e
fas fa-rss-square f143
fas fa-step-backward f048
fas fa-step-forward f051
fas fa-stop f04d
fas fa-stop-circle f28d
far fa-stop-circle f28d
fas fa-sync f021
fas fa-sync-alt f2f1
fas fa-undo f0e2
fas fa-undo-alt f2ea
fas fa-video f03d
fas fa-volume-down f027
fas fa-volume-mute f6a9
fas fa-volume-off f026
fas fa-volume-up f028
fab fa-youtube f167

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