Font awesome date and time icons

Here is a list of font awesome date and time icons.

Icon Description Unicode Learn more
fas fa-bell f0f3
far fa-bell f0f3
fas fa-bell-slash f1f6
far fa-bell-slash f1f6
fas fa-calendar f133
far fa-calendar f133
fas fa-calendar-alt f073
far fa-calendar-alt f073
fas fa-calendar-check f274
far fa-calendar-check f274
fas fa-calendar-minus f272
far fa-calendar-minus f272
fas fa-calendar-plus f271
far fa-calendar-plus f271
fas fa-calendar-times f273
far fa-calendar-times f273
fas fa-clock f017
far fa-clock f017
fas fa-hourglass f254
far fa-hourglass f254
fas fa-hourglass-end f253
fas fa-hourglass-half f252
fas fa-hourglass-start f251
fas fa-stopwatch f2f2

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