Font awesome directional icons

List of all font awesome directional icons.

Icon Description Unicode Learn more
angle-double-down f103
angle-double-left f100
angle-double-right f101
angle-double-up f102
angle-down f107
angle-left f104
angle-right f105
angle-up f106
arrow-circle-down f0ab
arrow-circle-left f0a8
arrow-circle-o-down f01a
arrow-circle-o-left f190
arrow-circle-o-right f18e
arrow-circle-o-up f01b
arrow-circle-right f0a9
arrow-circle-up f0aa
arrow-down f063
arrow-left f060
arrow-right f061
arrow-up f062
arrows f047
arrows-alt f0b2
arrows-h f07e
arrows-v f07d
caret-down f0d7
caret-left f0d9
caret-right f0da
caret-square-o-down f150
caret-square-o-left f191
caret-square-o-right f152
caret-square-o-up f151
caret-up f0d8
chevron-circle-down f13a
chevron-circle-left f137
chevron-circle-right f138
chevron-circle-up f139
chevron-down f078
chevron-left f053
chevron-right f054
chevron-up f077
exchange f0ec
hand-o-down f0a7
hand-o-left f0a5
hand-o-right f0a4
hand-o-up f0a6
long-arrow-down f175
long-arrow-left f177
long-arrow-right f178
long-arrow-up f176
toggle-down f150
toggle-left f191
toggle-off f204
toggle-on f205
toggle-right f152
toggle-up f151

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