Font awesome finance icons

List of all font awesome finance icons.

Icon Description Unicode Learn more
balance-scale f24e
book f02d
cash-register f788
chart-line f201
chart-pie f200
coins f51e
comment-dollar f651
comments-dollar f653
credit-card f09d
credit-card f09d
donate f4b9
file-invoice f570
file-invoice-dollar f571
hand-holding-usd f4c0
landmark f66f
money-bill f0d6
money-bill-alt f3d1
money-bill-alt f3d1
money-bill-wave f53a
money-bill-wave-alt f53b
money-check f53c
money-check-alt f53d
percentage f541
piggy-bank f4d3
receipt f543
stamp f5bf
wallet f555

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