Font awesome games icons

List of all font awesome games icons.

Icon Description Unicode Learn more
chess f439
chess-bishop f43a
chess-board f43c
chess-king f43f
chess-knight f441
chess-pawn f443
chess-queen f445
chess-rook f447
dice f522
dice-d20 f6cf
dice-d6 f6d1
dice-five f523
dice-four f524
dice-one f525
dice-six f526
dice-three f527
dice-two f528
gamepad f11b
ghost f6e2
headset f590
heart f004
heart f004
nintendo-switch f418
playstation f3df
puzzle-piece f12e
steam f1b6
steam-square f1b7
steam-symbol f3f6
twitch f1e8
xbox f412

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