Font awesome hotel icons

List of all font awesome hotel icons.

Icon Description Unicode Learn more
baby-carriage f77d
bath f2cd
bed f236
briefcase f0b1
car f1b9
cocktail f561
coffee f0f4
concierge-bell f562
dice f522
dice-five f523
door-closed f52a
door-open f52b
dumbbell f44b
glass-martini f000
glass-martini-alt f57b
hot-tub f593
hotel f594
infinity f534
key f084
luggage-cart f59d
shower f2cc
shuttle-van f5b6
smoking f48d
smoking-ban f54d
snowflake f2dc
snowflake f2dc
spa f5bb
suitcase f0f2
suitcase-rolling f5c1
swimmer f5c4
swimming-pool f5c5
tv f26c
umbrella-beach f5ca
utensils f2e7
wheelchair f193
wifi f1eb

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