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Font awesome text editors icons

List of all font awesome text editors icons.

Icon Description Unicode Learn more
align-center f037
align-justify f039
align-left f036
align-right f038
bold f032
chain f0c1
chain-broken f127
clipboard f0ea
columns f0db
copy f0c5
cut f0c4
dedent f03b
eraser f12d
file f15b
file-text f15c
file-text-o f0f6
files-o f0c5
floppy-o f0c7
font f031
header f1dc
indent f03c
italic f033
link f0c1
list f03a
list-alt f022
list-ol f0cb
list-ul f0ca
outdent f03b
paperclip f0c6
paragraph f1dd
paste f0ea
repeat f01e
rotate-left f0e2
rotate-right f01e
save f0c7
scissors f0c4
strikethrough f0cc
subscript f12c
superscript f12b
table f0ce
text-height f034
text-width f035
th f00a
th-large f009
th-list f00b
underline f0cd
undo f0e2
unlink f127

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