Font awesome writing icons

List of all font awesome writing icons.

icon description unicode Learn more
fas fa-archive f187
fas fa-blog f781
fas fa-book f02d
fas fa-bookmark f02e
far fa-bookmark f02e
fas fa-edit f044
far fa-edit f044
fas fa-envelope f0e0
far fa-envelope f0e0
fas fa-envelope-open f2b6
far fa-envelope-open f2b6
fas fa-eraser f12d
fas fa-file f15b
far fa-file f15b
fas fa-file-alt f15c
far fa-file-alt f15c
fas fa-folder f07b
far fa-folder f07b
fas fa-folder-open f07c
far fa-folder-open f07c
fas fa-keyboard f11c
far fa-keyboard f11c
fas fa-newspaper f1ea
far fa-newspaper f1ea
fas fa-paper-plane f1d8
far fa-paper-plane f1d8
fas fa-paperclip f0c6
fas fa-paragraph f1dd
fas fa-pen f304
fas fa-pen-alt f305
fas fa-pen-square f14b
fas fa-pencil-alt f303
fas fa-quote-left f10d
fas fa-quote-right f10e
fas fa-sticky-note f249
far fa-sticky-note f249
fas fa-thumbtack f08d

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