Quelle application utilisée pour créer des applications mobiles sans coder ?

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Asked  Nov 20, 09:25 am

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Bravo is one of the most popular no code app builders amongst designers because it allows you to convert Figma or Adobe XD designs into native apps for iOS and Android.

Bravo calls itself a “bring your own design and backend” app builder. Once you create your design in Figma or Adobe XD, you connect to one or more databases or APIs of your choosing. Bravo’s visual design interface simplifies the process of turning a design into a functional app. Not only can you test the app directly within the tool, you can also share test access with colleagues. And once you’re ready to launch, you can publish to the Apple and Google Play app stores directly from Bravo’s no code app builder interface.


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abakarabdallah02 Et Mobiroller alors ?
Added  Nov 21, 01:07 pm
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